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Wildcraft Smart Bag

The Brief

Creating a range of smart products with different user scenarios that differentiate from the competition

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2017 – 2019

The Problem

Almost all smart products are technology-driven rather than being user-driven. The features selected or created are limited by tech as the user needs or behaviors are not accessed properly from the start. Working closely with the Chief Product Officer and lead designer at Wildcraft, we analyzed key problems that were hampering Wildcraft from launching smart products under their banner. What we arrived at was to create value with focussed features that not only made the user feel valued but also to fit their internal design language. The smart features had to tie into user behaviors and solve user problems.


The Urban Warrior

A professional chef in a commercial kitchen whether it was a small one or a 5-star restaurant goes through a similar set of problems. Our stakeholders are identified as chef’s, cooks, and also the maintenance guys who regularly work on the equipment to keep it going.

Understanding Business, Visual and Functional Challenges

Wildcraft has a huge range of products that cater to their core demographic of outdoor enthusiasts as well as urban warriors. So we focussed very closely on finding a new demographic of young, smart, and tech-savvy young professionals. As part of our design framework, we always look into how the business goals impact the visual and functional challenges. In this case, we wanted to create a fresh aesthetic with products for the Indian demographic with a slew of new functional features.

Image boards and mood boards to catch inspiration
Design Direction

Theme And Moodboard

Vivid Shadow is a visual theme we picked due to a core insight into the young millennial demographic we were targeting. Taking cues from extreme elements like volcanoes to urban architectures where exploration through parkour and various other attributes could be combined to create a functional language that’s uniquely visual. Our inspiration stemmed from the fact that these guys are the urban ninjas who reveal themselves only when they want to. After a long day at work where you are working with so many others and don’t feel that you are expressing your true self, we related that to blend in. We worked to bring the expressive attribute with the bright red to key functional areas while keeping the rest very much in the shadows.


Key Silhouettes

The visual theme was to take cues from the legendary Ninja warriors who could blend into the dark and appear at will. A lot of the silhouettes follow the headband and the robes in terms of keylines that create forms and blend in details from other areas of their clothing.

The idea was to create a hood that would cover all the zippers eliminating any complicated tech necessary for an anti-theft feature. One of the problems where music was a key necessity and the headphones getting tangled in or not readily available created a wealth of possibilities in integrating them with the bag itself.

Process of ideation for bag design
ideation sketching of bag design

After The Client Presentation, We Narrowed Down A Few Directions To Refine And Build Scale Prototypes To Showcase How The Fabric Could Be Shaped And Formed To Create The Unique Visual We Were Going After.


From Paper to Fabric

Prototyping for wildcraft stealth bag done in Analogy design studio
Development and Testing

Assembling & Testing

By providing the option to choose between cycle and walk modes, users have the ability to accurately measure the amount of carbon emissions saved by opting for sustainable modes of transportation. This feature not only promotes environmentally-friendly behavior but also helps users understand the tangible benefits of making more sustainable choices.

By tracking their carbon footprint, users can see the positive impact of their actions and make informed decisions to further reduce their environmental impact.

Wildcraft Stealth

The Smart Bag

Focussing on crafting each and every detail of the product to suit the business, visual, material, production, and costing goals for the client had to undergo a variety of detailed refinements. Our Iterative Design process helped solve that every step of the way.

hero image of wildcraft stealth bag
Earphone feature of wildcraft stealth bag

Retractable Earphones

Always accessible and ready to transport you into a world of music and disappear from the urban environment whether you are on the metro or getting to work.

Close-up image of zips to ensure anti-theft properties of wildcraft stealth bag

anti-theft zip & seams

Covered seams and hidden zip tags were carefully added with the hood covering up the zippers to make them anti-theft. Along with it, the bag came with an anti-theft alarm in the bag as well as on the phone via the app.

Close up image of charging app of wildcraft stealth bag

Inbuilt charging on the go

For always available power, we designed an integrated power bank that can be removed and charged and was located centrally to balance the weight of the bag. This was augmented with USB ports on the left and right to provide supreme accessibility.

Defining Proportions

Back Rest And Housing Of Components

Wildcraft stealth app
Wildcraft App screens for login and sign up

Interaction Design

Stealth App

To access the features of the bag, we built an Android app as a proof of concept with a core focus on a great user experience and visual elements that are designed to give the user a feeling of exploring the urban environments.

UI Design

Device Onboarding

Onboarding experience for wildcraft stealth app
Connect to various devices using wildcraft stealth app


Device Connect

Creating a customized yet simple experience in a few clicks was the goal of the onboarding experience. Every step of the way we created visual breadcrumbs to lead the user to the next step as well as assure them of the actions that they were taking.

UI Design

Home Screen

Statistic dashboards, connect devicess, AR shopping expericnces of wildcraft app designed by Analogy designs
Track my app wildcraft app, multiple screens

UI Design

Anti Theft

Creating a customized yet simple experience in a few clicks was the goal of the onboarding experience. Every step of the way we created visual breadcrumbs to lead the user to the next step as well as assure them of the actions that they were taking.

AR Tech Specs

AR Shopping Experience

Integrating an AR shopping experience was key to create a relatable connection with the name stealth and the initial inspiration for the product line. We were inspired by the demographics who were adapting to new tech and wanted to give a clean and minimal storefront experience but layer it with a strong AR interface that provided a host of new features.


Stealth App product architecture


Ideating Key Silhouettes

As part of the stealth range of products, the smart shoe was an urban take on an outdoor hiking shoe. The goal was to match the bag aesthetic and the overlapping fold language from the vivid shadow inspiration board. This led to an interesting hybrid design language that combined the proportions from the hiking shoe but added a very urban feel to it with reflective materials and a sleek profile but filled with data that was communicated to the app for step count, calories and altitude.

Sketching session conducted by Analogy Design
Render variants of wildcraft shoe done for brainstorming


Decal And Graphic Variations For The Parts Where The Electronics Would Live.

Design Aesthetics

Color, Material And Finish

Side shot of wildcraft shoe
Wildcraft shoe backside enhancing the logo

Design Aesthetics

Highlighting The Brand & The Charging Indicator

Design Aesthetics

Rugged Outsole With A Smart Product Architecture

Close up shot of wildcraft shoes
UI Screens of Wildcraft Stealth App Designed by design studio in Bangalore

Connected Experience

Connect And Track Your Stats Through The App

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