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Smart Meditation Lamp

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Revolutionizing Relaxation: The Smart Lamp That Unwinds You

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Grace Forever LLC


Grace Forever approached us with the vision of transforming the essence of relaxation at the end of a long day. We worked together to create a smart lamp that provides a multisensorial experience, helping you unwind and destress at your fingertips. This lamp combines elements of light, sound, and aroma, providing an affordable, accessible, and personalized way to achieve wellness.

Revolutionizing Relaxation: The Smart Lamp That Unwinds You

Wellness Made Simple: The Ultimate Connected Product

Investing in multiple wellness products can be costly and overwhelming. Idiya challenges this notion by creating a connected product that combines all the elements of wellness in one device. This product engages your senses with a play of light and shadow, aromatherapy, and relaxing tunes, all in a softly rounded shell. Experience wellness in a personalized, affordable, and portable way.

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Design Philosophy

Combining Sensory Elements: Futuristic Wellness

iDiya is a perfect blend of futurism in an antiquated world. It combines elements of light, sound, and aroma, making wellness affordable, accessible, personalized, and most importantly, portable. The smart device provides an immersive multisensory experience that engages your senses and helps you relax, unwind, and destress.

Industrial Design Ideation

Ideation to find the perfect form

The journey of creating a product that caters to multiple sensory experiences started with a series of brainstorming sessions. We focused on finding the perfect form that would encompass all the elements – light, sound, and scent – into a single product.

Through ideation, we arrived at the perfect shell design that could accommodate all the required components in a compact form factor.

Overhead view of a hand sketching a product design for a lamp.
Overhead shot of hand testing out prototypes along with multiple product sketches
Industrial Design Prototyping

Validating and prototyping

With the ideation phase completed, we started validating and prototyping our concept. We created multiple paper mockups and used them to study the right proportions and scales, including the haptic feedback of the buttons and the optimal placement of speakers.

Once we had a basic understanding, we moved on to creating a 3D printed prototype to validate the design, followed by a functional prototype to test the various elements.

Industrial Design Engineering

Engineering to perfection

The final stage of our journey was to engineer the product to perfection. We worked on refining the form factor to ensure optimal sound diffusion and a balanced distribution of light. The scent diffuser was engineered to be compatible with a range of essential oils, and the device’s firmware was tweaked to support a variety of user preferences.

The product was tested rigorously to ensure it met all safety standards, and every detail was scrutinized to ensure we delivered the best experience to our users.

Closeup shot of the electronics inside the product
Close-up shot of the yellow aroma gel diffuser
Core Features

The Ultimate Smart Candle for Wellness

This smart candle is designed to activate and engage your three primary senses through light, sound, and scent. It provides a hassle-free journey to mindfulness by simply connecting your smartphone to the device via Bluetooth. The connected app allows you to personalize your journey with built-in lighting presets and the potential for a soundscape library within the app.

Core Features

Personalizing Your Wellness Journey with Digital

The connected app allows you to customize your wellness journey with personalized lighting presets and a library of soundscape options. This smart candle doubles as an aromatherapy diffuser and a wireless Bluetooth speaker, providing a multisensorial experience that helps you embark on a soothing journey to mindfulness.

Core Features Personalizing Your Wellness Journey With Digital
Introducing Revolutionizing Relaxation: The Smart Lamp That Unwinds You
Core Features

Achieving Wellness Through Multi-Sensorial Experience

Empower your wellness journey with a smart candle that combines aromatherapy, light, and sound to create a multisensorial experience. This connected product provides an affordable, accessible, and personalized way to explore the art of mindfulness.

Unwind and destress through a personalized journey that engages your senses, helping you achieve inner peace and wellbeing.

Industrial Design Engineering

Engineering the digital interactions

The digital component of our smart candle was a critical aspect of the product. Our engineering team worked to ensure that the user experience was intuitive and seamless.

The connected app was designed to allow for easy personalization of the light, sound, and scent features. We engineered the app to enable a smooth Bluetooth connection and streamlined data transfer between the device and the user’s smartphone.

The firmware was optimized to support new features and updates to ensure our product remained relevant and adaptable over time. We focused on engineering the digital interactions to ensure that users could fully immerse themselves in a multisensorial experience that met their individual preferences and needs.

GIF showing the industrial design process of iDiya
Engineering The Parts And Product Family
Industrial Design Engineering

Engineering the parts and product family

Once the perfect form had been achieved, our team began to engineer the various components of the product family.

We worked on optimizing the circuit board and ensuring all components fit within the compact design. Each part was tested for performance and durability to ensure that it could withstand repeated use.

We engineered the parts with flexibility in mind, enabling our product to adapt to a range of environments and situations.

GIF of showcasing the small details and patterns of the iDiya product

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