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Massager Back Pack

The Brief

Built To Comfort

CLIENT: EUME  SERVICES: Creative Direction, Branding, Industrial Design, Graphics, Packaging & Photography/AV

Year: 2018-19


The founders had an idea for an inbuilt massager in a backpack and they approached us to design the perfect bag. The challenge was to design it for various demographics and styles. Not to mention a very aggressive timeline. After the clients had a meeting with Mr. Daymond John, from Shark Tank, the project got steam to go ahead and productise it. Our role was to create a strong brand and to envision a range that could humanise the tech and design a product that was engaging, fun and brand centric and at the same time have tons of utility and storage.

The key thing to understand was the levels of interaction that the users would  have with the product. We figured out what would be Passive and active in the massager and utility modes. To map these out in various environments and various demographics, we created an activity map studying users for a whole day. This gave us valuable insights to differentiate where and how we could design features that could be beneficial.


Designed for positive feedback

Did you know that every second a car emits enough CO2 to fill a cube with 8cm sides? This means that every trip, whether it’s work-related or not, generates hundreds of such cubes. In fact, every 100km a car emits as much CO2 as an adult tree can remove from the atmosphere in a year.

With Quambio, you can make a difference. Our app encourages you to leave your car behind for short trips to work, the grocery store, or anywhere else in town. Whether you choose to walk, bike, or use an electric scooter, it all adds up to a more sustainable future. Download Quambio today and start making a positive impact.

Seamless Design

Smooth zippers, clean lines and minimalistic pullers, all attributing to a cohesive language.

Clean Yet Heavy Duty

The backpacks are equipped with numerous exterior pockets in easy reach of the user and compression straps for effective load management.

Detachable Compartments

The traveller’s backpack has been design with detachable sleeves for clothes, toiletries, gadgets separately. This helps the user customise the backpack interiors as per their travel needs and also be able to carry the separately when needed.

Core Features

The Dashboard

Visualize your weekly data on a simple and intuitive dashboard that provides detailed breakdowns of distance, time, and earned cubes. 

Analogy designed the overall shape of the graph with the core brand element of the cube in mind, resulting in a simplistic silhouette that visually represents data in a clean and relevant manner.

Core Features

Activity Tracker

By providing the option to choose between cycle and walk modes, users have the ability to accurately measure the amount of carbon emissions saved by opting for sustainable modes of transportation. This feature not only promotes environmentally-friendly behavior but also helps users understand the tangible benefits of making more sustainable choices.

By tracking their carbon footprint, users can see the positive impact of their actions and make informed decisions to further reduce their environmental impact.

Core Features


Take a positive and rewarding approach to reducing CO2 emissions by earning cube points for every kilometer you walk or cycle with Quambio. We understand that making sustainable choices can be challenging, which is why we’ve designed our app to incentivize users to adopt sustainable transportation habits. 

By earning cube points for walking or cycling, users can track and monitor their progress, stay motivated, and ultimately make a positive impact on the environment. Our app provides a platform for users to join a community of like-minded individuals who are motivated to make sustainable choices and take action to reduce their carbon footprint.

Core Features

Adaptive Themes

Quambio’s innovative theme system provides users with a fun and engaging way to track their progress towards reducing CO2 emissions. As users increase their overall CO2 savings, the app automatically updates its theme, unlocking new and special themes for users to enjoy. 

This feature provides users with added motivation to reach their sustainability goals and make a positive impact on the environment.

Core Features


Take part in challenges with like-minded people and take part in company-sponsored and group challenges through the Quambio app. By building a community and working together towards a shared goal, you can make a bigger impact in reducing CO2 emissions.

Compete with your friends and coworkers to see who can make the most significant progress and earn rewards for completing and achieving the goals of the challenges.

By participating in these challenges, you can stay motivated and engaged in your sustainable lifestyle while contributing to a larger cause.

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