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Autonomous Car Interface

The Brief

ELIOS: The future of automobile interfaces and interactions

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2022 – 2023




The future of travel

In the year 2025, where cars deliver more than just transportation, we have shifted our focus on markets like Singapore and Hong Kong, which witness high volumes of traffic and are known for their safety standards.

This new dimension has been crafted just for you, to elevate yourself into an immersive experience. It is a coherent environment where you can work, sleep, meditate, and travel unlike ever before. Our attention to these bustling markets aims to meet the demands of the modern world, providing a unique experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Redesigned for the Autonomous Future

Taking into account the increasingly autonomous nature of the world, we have considered how cars will adapt to this scenario. As people transition to driverless vehicles, we have envisioned the activities that will become prominent, ranging from entertainment to leisure pursuits.

Design Details

Revamped Simple Interactions for the Digital World

We have reimagined how straightforward interactions would translate into the digital realm. Our aim is to visually demonstrate this through lines and graphics that depict the airflow around the passenger seats. 

By making subtle adjustments and incorporating elements of various places, we showcase the temperature and speed.

Design Details

Highlighting Essential Power Statistics for Electric Vehicles

Displaying power statistics is crucial for an electric vehicle (EV). We aim to provide customers with a tailored optimization experience based on their efficiency preferences. Factors such as room temperature, external conditions, and their potential impact on the battery are considered.

Our user interface widget showcases these details, enabling customers to have a comprehensive overview of the essential statistics.

Design Details

Showcasing Range and Speed with a Seamless Approach

Our goal was to dynamically display range and speed, integrating the user interface seamlessly with other aspects of the main dashboard. 

To achieve this, we had combined these elements into a well-rounded design, creating a cohesive and visually appealing experience.

Design Details

Drawing Inspiration from Weather Widgets

We were inspired by the weather widgets commonly found on smartphones and crafted a similar user interface widget for the car. By merging real-world visuals with a flat UI design, we have achieved a distinct and visually appealing aesthetic.

Design Details

Designed for the Modern Consumer

We designed widgets with the modern consumer in mind, considering what they might find useful in their calendars. To enhance the visual appeal, we integrated day and night views into these widgets while maintaining a simple and easy-to-understand user interface.

Control Panel Design

Streamlined Navigation Homepage Menu

The navigation homepage menu was designed with essentials in mind, allowing users to easily access key features such as viewing their schedule, changing the music, adding favourites, or modifying the display theme of the car.

Core Features

Adjusting Seat Angle and Temperature

Users can change the angle of the seat and the temperature for each, while also adjusting the airflow through the interface. This is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive experience, focusing on enhancing human interaction.

Core Features

Battery Indicators

In addition to the widget, users can also view battery indicators that display the performance of each individual battery, providing a comprehensive understanding of the overall performance for the entire system.

Core Features

Mode Switching

With the navigation bar, users can easily switch between Eco and Performance modes, allowing them to see the significant impact on battery performance, speed, and cost per mile.

Core Features

Enhanced Navigation

Utilize the advanced navigation features to view points of interest, make detours, and set goals for your journey. The trip’s AI system will identify the best spots based on your preferences and provide notifications about various points of interest along the way.

Core Features

Manage Your Schedule Effortlessly

Easily create and modify scheduled appointments directly from the dashboard navigation, and see the changes reflected on the dashboard itself. Sync these updates with your personal calendar for a seamless experience in keeping track of upcoming events.

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