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Dostea | Tea Machine

The Brief

Modernising the experience of Chai: a machine that recreates the essence of a homemade cup.


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United Kingdom


Authentic Chai. Hassle-Free.

Crafting a traditional chai can be a laborious endeavour, demanding the concurrent use of various utensils which often result in a significant mess. The Dostea Tea Machine, designed specifically for the United Kingdom market, is engineered to alleviate these challenges. With just a simple button press, it delivers a fresh, home-brewed cup of chai, eliminating the hassle and mess typically associated with the process.

Moving From Idea To Concept

Doeatea’s partnership with Analogy was driven by the shared goal of capturing the authentic experience of homemade chai, encompassing its distinct taste, aroma, flavor, and even the vibrant color. To achieve this, the collaboration embarked on an extensive exploration process, conducting multiple rounds of experimentation to uncover the ideal design.

Unlike competitor products such as BrewChime, which often feature a conventional rectangular and boxy appearance, the vision for the Dostea tea machine was to create a product that exuded character and symbolized the essence of a “sunrise in a teacup.”

Taking inspiration from both UK and Indian design excellence in industrial design, the team conceptualized a completely unique body and mechanism for the tea machine. The goal was to craft a visually appealing and functionally efficient device that not only brewed exceptional chai but also provided a delightful aesthetic experience for users.

The result of this collaboration was a tea machine that showcased a harmonious blend of British and Indian design elements. It featured sleek curves, elegant lines, and carefully selected materials that evoked a sense of sophistication and cultural fusion. The machine’s form was meticulously crafted to emulate the warmth of a sunrise, infusing every cup of tea with a touch of magic and the promise of a new day.

Ideation stage along with 3D printed prototype of Dostea tea machine
Sketch page showing various details of Dostea tea machine ideation stage in a Industrial design process
Ideation process conducted at Analogy Design Studio for the Dostea tea machine project
CAD engineering for Dostea tea machine done in Analogy Design Studio

Engineered To Perfection.

The Dostea tea machine harmoniously combines modernity and tradition, capturing the essence of the British tea-making process. The inclusion of a convenient pod placement system ensures effortless brewing, while the easily replenishable containers for milk and water enhance the user experience.

Whether you prefer a classic black tea or a unique blend, Dostea sets the stage for an ideal London-style start to your day. Its thoughtful design elements and attention to detail make every cup a delightful journey, allowing you to savor the flavors and aromas that define the art of tea-making in the bustling streets of the British capital

Woking on Dostea tea machine prototype
Dostea tea machine engineering details
parts inside dostea tea machine
Close-up image captured by Analogy's Engineering team while working on Dostea team machine project
Close up image of Dostea team machine engineering detailss
Dostea tea machine close up image of tube in which milk or water comes
Dostea tea machine prototype made by Analogy's inhouse engineering team

Bringing The Product To Life

The Dostea tea machine, meticulously crafted to emulate the authentic Chai brewing process, has reached its prototype stage. Internally, the machine underwent intensive testing to ensure ideal brewing conditions for perfect flavor extraction. Externally, it boasts a user-friendly design, sleek appearance, and strategically placed controls for ease of use.

The machine also includes thoughtful accessories such as a removable kettle and milk frother to enhance the homemade Chai experience. This prototype embodies the careful balance of art and science in Chai brewing, demonstrating the commitment of the Doeatea and Analogy teams to delivering an unmatched Chai experience worldwide.


The First Of Its Kind.

With patent-worthy engineering, this tea machine is sleek, modern, and replicates the chai-making process to the t(ea)! Complete with a convenient pod insertion, and easy-to-refill jars for milk and water, the Dostea tea machine provides the perfect way to start your day.

Dostea tea machine front view
Close up view of POD mechanism designed by the engineering team in Analogy
Back view of Dostea tea machine
Carafe to pour tea, designed for the Dostea project
Teacup designed by Analogy for Dostea project
Core Features

A Stellar User Experience

From the product’s shape and form to the interface design, we prioritised facilitating a simple and convenient user experience for the target consumer. The idea was to build a simple, intuitive interface that allows the user to create that perfect cup of chai, just the way they like it.

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