The Brief

Create a connected and intuitive digital interface that combines, web, IoS, and Android applications to help users create and curate custom images

Cellairis shout brings a new dimension and seamlessness in cellphone case customization.

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Cellairis Inc


Design Language
Ux Design
UI Design
Brand Development
Product Strategy
Style Guide
Android and iOS Design



The Problem

Cellairis entered the customization business for various cellphone accessories globally as part of its wide franchise network and distribution. Something unique they were trying to achieve was to reduce the time to purchase and make this offering more accessible to people. However, being in the retail space, understanding the user needs, and creating relevant customer journeys to unite web, mobile and the store experience was what we set out to solve.


A whole new dimension in print customisation

Design your own case, find featured and prints and buy products all through one app




Featured prints

Product and Service locations

Seamless shopping experince

Prioritising the experience

The Key features of the app focuses on creating custom prints and integrating it with the cellairis brand and product ecosystem


Key Features

Key features that provide the building blocks for the product experience

Universal Toolbar

Map Based

Layered Editing

Integrated Store


Shape and Color

The universal tool bar has all the necessary tools to create modern patterns and designs, with a simple and navigable experience.


Scale and Skew

Pan, Scale and skew with interacting and gestural touch. Simple and intuitive interactions.


Muti Layer Effects

Multi Layer mode allows for complexity adding the missing depth found in professional print designs


The Tool Box

The universal toolbox provides a basic design tool that is easy to use and is powerful when combined together. The layered mode of editing allows users to create professional-level graphical prints.

Basic Design Tools

We used the most common design looks and colour pallets and layered these controls with gestures such as pinch, pull and long-press making the Ui simple and powerful.

Layered mode

Layering mode combines colour, shapes, textures and prints to form unique high-quality prints.


Customisation flow


Universal Toolbar

The universal toolbar is the single hub interaction point. We created this form of navigation to bring a familiar editing style of a toolbar in many professional applications.

Customisation Tool Bar

The collapsable toolbar saves overall space and can also be customised to each users preferences.

Scale and Skew

Scale and Skew mechanisms are guided by indication gesture areas. This guides the user into performing the desired action.


Store and product cards


Find products and services with the integrated map

Integrated map and store services let users quickly find the nearest store related to the service required. Users can also browse through the various products available at these stores.


Store and product cards


Global features

Each global feature was created to tie in seamless with one another. Making the shopping experience clean and increasing the overall engagement time.


The advantage of good design and an iterative process


Increase in Sales


Reduction in Returns


faster delivery

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