An experiment

Increase human communication while maintaining a secure lookout.

Video Door phones have largely remained the same since they were introduced with a low-cost camera to prevent theft and also a heavy outer material to bare the weather. Mostly to cover the internals. Though these are very essential to the product functioning and lasting well, we thought we could address a different problem. Two-way communication.

As a studio, the one way we move forward both skill-wise and thought based is to ask questions and identify problems that are oblivious to the user. This helps us derive better solutions.


Rise VDP


Competitor Research
Design Language
Concept Generation
UX Design
UI Design



The Problem

The word “ connected” can be used in various contexts to derive different meanings. While most of the tech world views it as a human connection with technology, we looked at this under a completely different lens. A connection is always human to human where technology could be the facilitator. Tech is seen as an enabler to foster better human connection. Tech products should help create a bond, a clear mental and emotional connection that happens generally with people.


The suburban home

Most homes have an indoor security cam and some of them have security cameras externally as well. Recently due to the surge in packages being stolen off the porch, a new use case scenario has been added to the home security domain. Users who are away at work or travel for long periods of time absolutely benefit from the presence of a security camera.



Smart Home


Two way communication


How can we enable better communication ?

Enabling two-way communication between people was key. The Rise door phone helps to create an interaction by the pop up screen that rises up to enable a conversation. The user has complete control over displaying video when answering a call. It also serves as a lookout for packages being left at the door and instantly takes a picture to inform the owner with a notification. With a secure wall lock, it's safe to install on every porch.

Clarity on

The Problems to focus on

The Video Door phone focusses mainly on two kinds of problems, emotional security, and privacy. You would want a device that is not overtly visible in securing your home or your packages but at the same time is smart enough to communicate with the person at your doorstep.


Smart Home

Human Connection



Product & Interface are connected seamlessly

Minimalistic joystick interface to
show you everything at your
doorstep – people head to toe or
packages on the ground.


An intuitive way toanswer your door.

Simulating real world actions
where you can answer your door
anywhere and everywhere


Busy? Justleave a text

If you are caught up in a meeting and
cant attend the call, you can leave a
text for your delivery executive which
will appear on the door bell’s screen.


Physical + Digitalmotion to Interact

The screen pops up when you
answer the call to speak with the
person at the door step indicating
an emotional response thats
missing in most video door
phones in the market.


Reverse Footage

The screen pops up when you
answer the call to speak with the
person at the door step indicating
an emotional response thats
missing in most video door
phones in the market.

Color Material Finish

Colors for every home

Choose from Pink Terrazzo, Soft Wood and Night Speckled. Materials handpicked to fit any backdrop of your home.

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