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Building a positive first approach to sustainable living by offsetting CO2 through Quambio

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A new way to track you emissions

Quambio helps you track the CO2 emissions of your transports and swap reductions for product rebates and services while being part of a community of like-minded people motivated by environmental issues.




Smart Home

IOT Ecosystem

Multi Functional

Designed for positive feedback

Every second, a car emits enough CO2 to fill a cube with 8cm sides, just enough to fit in one hand. Each trip, work-related or otherwise, generates hundreds of such cubes. In fact, every 100km a car emits as much CO2 as an adult tree is capable of removing from the atmosphere annually.

The Quambio App helps you ditch your car when heading to work, for short grocery trips, or for any other trips in town. Use a bicycle, walk, or take your electric scooter. It all works on Quambio

Process and Architecture

Simplifying the product flow

Process and Architecture

Mapping and detailing features


Wireframing interactions


The Dashboard

Visualise your weeks data on the simple
and intuitive dashboard with breakdown
details on distance time and cubes earned.

To overall shape of the graph was designed
keeping the core brand element of the cube
Deriving a simplistic silhouette to visuals data
in a clean and relevant way.

Diving Deeper

Activity tracker

Choose between cycle and walk mode to calculate the overall CO2 emissions saved.

Rewards and user motivation


Earn cube points for each kilometre walked or cycled Take a positive approach to save CO2 emissions.

Home and activitiy

Adaptive Themes

The Quambio app updates its themes as and when you increase your overall CO2 emissions giving you the motivation to reach the next level and unlocking new and special themes.

Building a community


Take part is company-sponsored and group challenges, build a community and work towards a shared goal, Compete with your friends and coworkers and earn rewards for completing and achieving the goal of the challenges.


The advantage of good design and iterative process


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