The Brief

Create a Structural packaging design that reduces the use of plastic and is a delight to the end customer.

Just Elegance needed a retail packaging design that can be structurally welcoming and graphically authentic to communicate to its base of users. The packaging needed to communicate key brand values and also be strong for transit, shipping as well as have very little plastic usage in the overall packaging design. They challenged us to create these to help overcome the immense competition surrounding mobile accessories.

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Just Elegance GMBH


User Research
Concept Generation
Structural Packaging Design
Design Engineering
Graphic Design
Production Support



Brand Characteristics

Defining the Brand

Just Elegance is a brand where we are celebrating the qualities of women like confidence, Style, Authenticity, and being Expressive. We had to figure out how to express these characteristics in the form of the brand and the various other collateral we had to create to form a layered message with these attributes. Our approach was to create a set of key collaterals that communicated that. With the packaging, we definitely focussed on the Authenticity, Style, and Expressive attributes.

The logo already depicted the confidence attribute with a strong brush stroke with a combination of serif like elements to create a serious message but at the same time keeping it modern. The colors we picked had a strong sense of warm colors instead of the cool tones and we also had strong base colors like black and white which conveyed a sense of confidence and purity as well.

Design Process

Style Guide

Concept 01

The idea was to create a packaging that could turn into a shopping bag as a secondary function to reduce the use of plastic.

Concept 02

The Packaging would be able to hold a photo inside the packaging so that the packaging is reusable and also create better brand recall.

Concept 03

The third concept was that the packaging would be able to turn into a photo frame with the support that could stay on your desk.

Design Process

Prototyping and Exploration

01 Open the bow

The bow on the packaging has a magnet to hold it together and a user can easily remove the bow and the lace together to open the packaging.

02 Grip Handles

Grip the handles and the bow together to open up the rest of the package.

03 The Bag opens up

At the back of the packaging, we have a folded structure that surprisingly opens up into a shopping bag.

04 Flat Packaging to Shopping Bag

The packaging is designed to be a delight and a surprise for the customer in the retail store or in an e-commerce packaging.

05 Open the Bag

Inside the shopping bag, there is a flap that can be lifted up to reveal the product with a tag that can be easily accessed.

06 Remove the case

The flap can be opened to reveal the case and the case is lifted up to be used by the customer.

07 The Final Reveal

The packaging provides a unique experience of being attended to in a retail establishment and the bag signifies the brand's care to its consumers.

Design Process

Packaging Inserts and Die-lines

Solving for

The product is clearly visible and easily accessible

Solving for

Product CMF reflected on the packaging for easier selection

The Results

The advantage of a clear design process and working through iterative improvements.


Reduction in plastic


Reduction in making cost


Assembly time saved


Interest generated

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