The Brief

How we make workouts more engaging through AR

Combining your front camera with AI-powered motion tracking, Insane makes home workouts engaging and immersive. By tracking essential movement points of your body, the app measures your performance in each rep and gives you instant feedback – keeping both your mind and body engrossed throughout.


Insane AI


Design Language
Brand Design
Concept Generation
Product Architecture
UI Design
UX Design




The Problems & Objectives

Working out indoors is usually non interactive. Insane Ai helps to solve this by connecting the social aspect of fitness through a gamified AR experience. We were approached to bring this vision to life by taking a brand forward approach to the overall user experience.

Gamified Fitness

Interactive experience

Brand Impact

Simple Interface


Analysing the product


Developing a brand first approach to UX


Understanding the user


Integrating business goals with user goals


Modelling user personas


Bulls eye mapping

UX Design

In-depth iterations

Breaking down each screen through rough digital wireframes. Collaborative sessions between designers and clients to dial down how to solve each user and business problem.

UI design

Unique style scapes

We create 3 distinct style scapes, each with its unique identity from brand to product.

Design Direction

Creating Engagement and immersion

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