The Problem

Urban mobility and transportation is an industry that is always upgrading to the latest technologies in both product features and manufacturing. The energy and materials required in manufacturing including the various tooling components is huge. So the question was " can we figure out a simple to use material with a single reversible mold to create various structural combinations"

The realization

Understanding how the frame design works, we had to find a way to replicate a form that was seamless as well as easily manufactured. We set on a mold design that did not have a lot of weld joints and a need for secondary operations. We created a simple to assemble kit which is shipped to the consumer and every time there is an upgrade, just that part can be shipped to the consumer on a subscription model.

01. Stirring
02. Mixing
03. Flipping

The Idea

The entire bicycle is made up of custom parts that have a secondary use as well. The entire personality of the bicycle can be changed with the use of modular accessories designed for specific use cases so it can be heavily customized to be a performance machine or a load carrying transport option. Individual accessories in the entire vehicle can be optimized to provide the kind of functionality a consumer needs.

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