Bicycle Design – Flatpack

Flatpack was an experiment to create a modular DIY mobility kit which could be flat packed and shipped globally. The concept was to enhance customisation within the integrated mobility sector where the entire product is connected online with various tools and systems providing the rider with a host of information, analytics and comfort. The Bicycle is made out of molded paper pulp and the entire frame is made out of a single mold enabling lower startup costs and a much greener way to commute and customise. Flat pack’s individual parts are all modular with secondary functions integrated into it.

ClientConfidentialServicesBranding, Industrial Design, Packaging, 3D VisualisationYear2016

Bicycle Design - Flatpack 1

Bike sharing in particular has hit the mainstream. In 2015, more than 850 cities had such programs, up from 68 in 2007. In 2015, there were more than a million bikes in bike-sharing programs globally.

Understanding these growing trends in urban mobility and the bicycle industry, our effort was to create the flatpack, something that a user can use on his own or share with a wider audience. We envisioned a business model where the accessories can be purchased by a consumer from the bicycle aggregator and just rent the frame from them further customising their ride and showing a unique personality. Flatpack was born from this idea of modularity and mobility.
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Trendy bicycle design, Flatpack is modular DIY bicycle designed using 3D Graphics. Analogy is best product design agency in Hong Kong.