The Challenge

A compilation of deep research into global financial behavior is collected after a full year's effort and the data compiled is a massive collection spanning more than 20 countries globally. These are further broken down into various categories and further analysis and insights are obtained by plotting these data points into an exhaustive report. Our mandate was to make this process seamless as well as figure out how the design for financial services can be enhanced both with UX and UI. We focused on creating a flexible and scalable UI to provide on-hand instant data insights to the decision-makers and the larger team.

A data-driven user experience


is what we took from scratch to launch including testing and debugging


Data points visualized to create a variety of insights through complex data and UX models.


Layered user experience for all stakeholders


A clean and simple interface that's flexible

Feature driven

Laden with powerful filters and options for data insights


Harnessing the power of digital for ease of use

The Solution

Working closely with the client team, we identified a clear methodology and roadmap with weekly agile sprints to have a constant stream of communication. Working remotely, it was imperative that we were in constant communication with the various client teams and also the development teams to create an information architecture and a clear user flow to tackle a variety of user scenarios. We also created a flexible design system for the visual design creating varied graphs and visualizations that were pleasing to the eye and conveyed information seamlessly.


Client Confidentiality

Disclaimer: This project is the property and copyright of the client who cannot be named for confidential reasons. This project should not be shared or published without the prior approval from Analogy. The project done was for one of the biggest global financial institutions (the end client) and we partnered with the leading market research agency in the world to help them craft the digital UX/UI framework including data design, development, and visual design. All data and numbers and any references are removed to maintain client confidentiality and are changed to dummy entries.

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