The Problem

How to design tech accessories specifically for women. The challenge from the brand Just Elegance was a question that many have asked and our focus was to create a product experience around craft and Tech, seamlessly blending the two

02 Front view JE uai
03 rear view uai
Web phone flying uai
06 dual phone charging uai
Web exploded view uai


With several rounds of concept generation, we created unique form factors for the brief on hand. The main approach for the design of the wireless charger was to blend familiar forms with textures and patterns to create surprise and tactility. It also had to functionally hide all the different electronics, switches, and adapter points to provide a clean front surface. We also created a combination of polycarbonate and ceramic for a unique structural and sensory combination.

08 wireless charging indication copy uai
08 1packaging uai
07 CMF 2 scaled uai
11 bloomwireframe uai
10 CAD exploration scaled uai
09 Mock up ipad uai

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