User experience is a lasting intuitive, emotional connection with your users.

Experience 1


Our team starts by breaking things down – by simplifying the most complex problems we discover new ways of solving with design resulting in great opportunities for you.

We conduct extensive research to discover and define relevant human behaviors and mindsets, which drive insights and in turn determines the design direction. It is a collaborative effort where we run discovery workshops with users, the organization and other stakeholders keeping our clients very involved in this crucial initial stage. The goal is to collect data to understand, immerse, and transform insights into tangible opportunities.

Learn how we simplified customization for various phones with the Shout app.



Creative Hypothesis
Problem definition
Competitor analysis


To gain empathy towards your user, we observe them in their natural environment passively or engage with them in interviews.

The first stage of the Design Thinking process involves developing a sense of empathy towards the people you are designing for, to gain insight into what they need, what they want, how they behave, feel, and think, and why they demonstrate such behaviours, feelings, and thoughts when interacting with products in a real-world setting.

We believe that we design for both the user and the business which means we need to empathize with the user needs and the business goals. By building this balanced empathy, we define the scope and priorities for the project to design solutions that add value to the user and the business.

See how we designed Poetic’s website to easily navigate through all their products.



User Personas
Journey Maps
Empathy Maps
Stakeholder priorities

Experience 2
Experience 3


Driven by the opportunities discovered during the research phase and project priorities set in the empathize phase, we now start problem-solving by idea generation.

Our product team now sets the objectives of the project and the goals to be achieved. These have to be in line with the values and aspirations of your organization.

This drives the creation of a series of user journeys based on new formats and functionality, which in turn leads to the generation of an intelligent design language and user strategy. These compelling user journeys are realized through sketching, scenario building, and journey maps.

Shard’s exercise cycle experience engages a lifestyle approach with a wide range of ideas to arrive at the right outcome.



Information Architecture
User Workflow


Our rigorous concept development with our designers and engineers is key to the transformation of the idea into a real experience. 

During concept development, we detail the concept stories you and we find most important to address. Our product team uses software tools to create multiple iterations of a design to refine form, function, and CMF, and to develop photorealistic visualizations. The engineers construct test rigs and functional prototypes to develop and perfect mechanisms while building in robustness through testing. The physical and digital teams work hand-in-hand to ensure physical and digital UX is seamless and compelling.

Follow the journey of how we transformed the backpack into a modern tech-enabled essential.



Design Systems
UI Design
Style Guides/UI Kit
Internal Testing

Experience 4
Experience 5


Design is the act of creating something new—sometimes iterative, sometimes innovative, and in rare cases, revolutionary.

Purely aesthetic creative productions with no functionality or not solving a problem is not design. When we talk about Disruptive Design, we are talking about creating intentionally disruptive creative interventions that are functionally imbued with the objective of challenging the status quo and making positive change.

Read how we disrupted a traditional industry like real estate by implementing AR.



Interactive Prototypes
Tech Implementation
A/B Testing


We work towards creating pixel perfect assets to take live and also support businesses to maintain and market this experience to their audience.

Our focus is now on creating pixel perfect designs, beautiful animation, front end CSS code and communication strategies to launch the digital product. Through our development partners, we can help build complex interactive front end and backend platforms.

Next, working with our digital marketing team we are able to connect the experience with clear content and tone of voice to reach the right person with the right message at the right time. Our objective is to create award-winning brands and experiences.

From start to end find out how we created the web experience for Agnisumukh.



Development Handover
Front end screen development
Front end prototypes

Experience 6

Our Expertise.