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Retail Product Packaging

The Brief

Revamp the Visual Identity for the Seniority brand of products to reflect the curation and care that is in each Seniority Product.

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Seniority approached us to solve two major problems for their product packaging. One was to bring together all of their sub-brands under the umbrella of their main brand and unify the message about brand values and second, was to bridge the gap between millennials who purchase products for the elderly while keeping it neutral for the seniors too. The visual design and structural packaging had to communicate these clearly and effectively..


Focussed Market Research
Design Language
Concept Generation
Structural Design
Graphic Design
Production Support



The Problem

The brand had close to 6 sub-brands that were divided by a variety of visual elements and different identities. The existing packaging also did not have a focus on the product being sold as there were conflicting visual elements in the background. Most photography on the packaging gave it an impression of a tele-brand and not a curated brand of products which is what seniority was. The brand colors were also not consistent throughout the packaging and visual design. Most importantly the Visual and information hierarchy was out of place.

The Problem

Packaging For The Elderly

Packaging for the elderly did not mean large fonts and kraft paper packaging with simplified line work. The founders were very clear that they did not want to go into this direction to remind their core demographics that they were old and asked us to figure out a different strategy on the visual direction.

The Real Who And The Hidden How

This was a packaging project, but we knew that if we did not update the messaging, the overall effort on the visual and structural side would not have an impact that we wanted. So our strategy was split into creating these goals for the overall design direction.

Moving the focus from Age

Care should be value-driven and not a reminder of all their problems

Reference to new life or feeling youthful is still a precursor to remind you about age

To move the message from “we care for you” to “we are there for you”

Age creates Anxiety

The imagery of people should be replaced with functional context

Senior citizens don’t want to be reminded about their age at every touch point

The imagery of people should be transitioned out to be replaced with the product value

A old guy holding a camera
Seniority cover image
Old people sitting togther
Care and Service

The demographics and the buyers

Most millennial grandchildren purchase a variety of devices and products for their grandparents. While the brand was meant to serve the elderly by no means it was an old person brand. Integrating the desires of the younger population on trust and product selection while maintaining the key message of care to the elderly was paramount.

“A Design language that is simple and communicates clear visual cues, clarifying the overall message and guiding the user with visual markers”

Design Process

Style Guide

The style guide we constructed for the brand involved upgrading the colors from the old playful green ( mint green ) to a more mature green that would move it away from the consumer electronics and medical and cosmetic industry. We also played with a variety of typefaces that would fit the right balance for a legible easy to read font selection for seniors while keeping it modern at the same time. One of the key things we wanted to highlight throughout the packaging was a key message that we came up with ” Meaningful solutions for you” and to symbolize care we used the hashtag “There for you”. Bringing the brand values into the style guide helped repeat them throughout the visual assets to help consumers recognize the brand, other than with the logo.

Style guide showing which colours, fonts and iconography
How the universal product language is incorporated into all the products of seniority
Solving For

Design Language

Our goal was to communicate that being old was not a disability but was a new phase in life. The mature green helped convey this to a certain extent but a design language is hardly just color. A variety of visual elements like iconography, type, and layouts were constructed to define this new visual language.

The Solution

Design Language

Universal Ecosystem
A simple ecosystem comprised of consistent visual elements and clear messaging that was implemented across various visual assets.

Scalable product mix
Each packaging layout was clearly defined in a visual grade with a scalable system in mind. This helped immensely to maintain visual consistency.

Solving For

Implementing Graphics

The graphical/Visual direction was kept to have a clear and bold product image on the front with just the title and the brand logo to keep the focus mainly on the function of the product itself and how it added value to the consumer. The sides were used to depict the product features in the form of icons and text and the back was entirely used for product description and specifications. While nothing revolutionary, this system helped maintain a clear message and also visual consistency overall.


The unboxing style of another packaging design box which is an anti-theft alarm lock
Product packaging design showing its unboxing style
Solving For

A Consistent Ecosystem

As various sizes of packaging were brought into the mix, the ecosystem of visual elements became more and more valuable in maintaining a consistent outlook. We had to create a variety of packaging sizes and orientations both in portrait and landscape. The work on the initial design system guidelines and style guide helped us create various assets in the same visual consistency that helped maintain brand integrity.

Solving For

Scalable Design System

The goal of a scalable design system is to provide a foundation for design and development teams to create cohesive, flexible, and adaptable user interfaces that can meet the needs of users and businesses at any scale.

Full packaging opening style for manufacturing

The Results

The advantage of a clear design process and working through iterative improvements.

Results in working with Analogy

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