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Designing a analytical platform for a Global Financial Behaviour Research firm

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Design System

Data Design 

Sofware Development 

Power Bi

Data Visualisation

Consumer Insight Design


2019 – 2020


Enhanced Design For Financial Services

The primary objective of this research was to improve the design of financial services by enhancing both the user experience and user interface. Our focus was on creating a flexible and scalable UI to provide on-hand instant data insights to decision-makers and the larger team.

By leveraging the insights gained from the research, we have identified opportunities to improve the design of financial services and create a seamless process. The report includes recommendations for enhancing the design of financial services, which will enable decision-makers to make informed decisions that positively impact their business.

Designing with Data

collecting data from more than 20 countries worldwide. The research data was further categorized and analyzed to gain deeper insights, which are presented in this exhaustive report.

Creating a Clear Methodology and Flexible Design System for Remote Collaboration

This report highlights the successful collaboration between our team and the client team in creating a clear methodology and roadmap with weekly agile sprints for a remote project. The constant communication with the client and development teams ensured a smooth workflow and the creation of an effective information architecture and user flow to handle various user scenarios.

With remote collaboration being a key aspect of this project, it was essential to maintain a consistent stream of communication throughout. Our team was able to establish a framework that allowed for effective communication and collaboration, resulting in a successful outcome.

Client Confidentiality

Disclaimer: This project is the property and copyright of the client who cannot be named for confidential reasons. This project should not be shared or published without the prior approval from Analogy. The project done was for one of the biggest global financial institutions (the end client) and we partnered with the leading market research agency in the world to help them craft the digital UX/UI framework including data design, development, and visual design. All data and numbers and any references are removed to maintain client confidentiality and are changed to dummy entries.

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