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Multipurpose Grill Station

The Brief

Decker: Make a versatile, eco-friendly, smokeless portable kitchen appliance for indoor and outdoor cooking.

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Design Language
Concept Generation
Product Architecture
UI Design
Ux Design


2020 – 2021


The Eco-Friendly Portable Kitchen Appliance

Decker is a multilayered kitchen appliance that helps young professionals with a busy lifestyle enjoy the feeling of cooking outdoors. Devoid of fossil fuels like coal, and using electricity it creates a smokeless experience, perfect for an urban kitchen or balcony

Designed for User-Centered Innovation

The objective is to design a versatile, eco-friendly, and portable kitchen appliance suitable for indoor and outdoor cooking. Decker, a multifunctional kitchen appliance, caters to the needs of busy young professionals who enjoy the sensation of cooking in the great outdoors. It operates on electricity, eliminating the use of fossil fuels such as coal, and generates a smoke-free ambience, making it an ideal choice for urban kitchens and balconies.

Understanding Business, Visual And Functional Challenges

Understanding Business, Visual and Functional Challenges

We conducted a thorough analysis of the source material and optimized the sign-up and login flow to improve efficiency. 

The Design team also studied competitor apps to gain insight into the optimal placement of menus and items, resulting in a faster and more streamlined user experience.

Industrial Design Ideation

Idea Generation Via Sketches

We conducted extensive research to gain a deep understanding of our core user’s daily habits, preferences, and dislikes, as well as the context in which our product is expected to be used. 

Through a combination of observational research and qualitative inquiries, we gleaned valuable insights that enabled us to deviate from conventional kitchen appliances.

Idea Generation Via Sketches

Design Features

Meat/Veggie Divider

Food can now we cooked separately without mixing or contaminating veggies with meat and can be served without any issue for vegetarians and vegan preferences.

Top Glass Lid For Keeping Food Warm

Design Features

Top Glass Lid For Keeping Food Warm

A heat resistant shott glass lid protects the heat and keeps the food warm and doesn’t let it go dry. Using the smart app, you can maintain a consistent temperature until you are ready to consume the food cooked.

A chicken being cooked in the Multipurpose grill Station

Design Features

Residue Tray

With all the messy fat and oil seeping down, the residue tray helps clear out the gunk and the messy residue. It is completely detachable and can be used to dispose of waste easily and clean it without having to handle it within the device itself.

Residue tray

Core Features

Triple Decker

Decker is designed to be used every day to cook, heat, and grill food. It is made up of a traditional electric stove, a convection oven, and a grill top to cover various aspects of cooking. So it’s not just a seasonal appliance but can be used everyday.

Triple Decker
Core Features

Smart Docking

The Convection oven and grill docks on to the hot plate stove through contact points to provide a multi layered cooking experience. The appliance is designed to be devoid of visual clutter yet intuitive enough to access all the features and key areas

Grill Surface, Convection Oven and hot plate and stove

Core Features

Efficient Heat Distribution

The placement of the two electric heating coils for the hot plate stove and the grill create a top and down heat just like in a woodfire oven cooking food evenly and efficiently

Efficient Heat Distribution

Core Features

Magnetic Skewers

The back base of the grill has a magnetic base to hold any metal skewer in place and making it easy to roll and grill meat or veggies.

Efficient Heat Distribution

Core Features

Stackable And Modular

With the contact points connecting each appliance, power can be transmitted easily to each of the coils independently so that the appliance is not only efficient but also can cater to various use case scenarios. With the smart docking feature, it can be easily assembled or disassembled to create multiple cooking features.

Interaction Design

Oven, Stove & Grill

We created a clear yet functional UI that displays options as and when the functionalities are selected. The display screen is a hi definition OLED display that is touch sensitive with multi touch as well as provides haptic feedback to the option selected. With the three functional elements of a stove, grill, and oven, the options for each use case are already mapped out so the user doesn’t have to navigate through a whole bunch of visual clutter thus creating a Dynamic UI.

HMI screen of the multipurpose grill station

Interaction Design

UI Components

Drawing inspiration from Skuemorphic elements of existing physical appliances, we worked to create a sense of familiarity in the user interface but modernized and minimally depicted a lot of the interactions.

Interaction Design

Temperature And Timer

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