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Camcorder Charger

The Brief

Create a functional device to photography professionals

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2019 – 2020




The new age camcorder charger

Eurotonic Gmbh Germany, partnered with Analogy for our expertise in industrial design services and co-created a compact, modular camcorder charger. Embodying the excellence of German design, the efficient wiring system neatly conceals any extra within the device. Carefully considering travellers and photographers, the design incorporates a translucent cover for ease of wire usage monitoring.

Designed for utility

Our approach to design was centered around the consumer’s needs. We utilized the design process to identify key industrial design features that would cater to these needs. By brainstorming ideas through industrial design ideation, we were able to develop unique and exciting features that the consumer can utilize.

Bluemax camcorder charger before redesign
Understanding the product

The Existing product

We faced several constraints while designing the eating product. We had to consider the battery’s size and position, which limited our ability to make significant changes to the overall dimensions. Despite these challenges, we attempted to explore various possibilities and even consulted with photography professionals to determine the product’s daily usage and potential add-ons.

Industrial Design Immersion

Understanding the user


Initiating our process, we meticulously observed and charted diverse user interactions, examining their existing engagement with the product. This detailed study helped us understand their needs, struggles, and usage patterns, which are fundamental to German design principles.

From these findings, we ventured into the ideation phase of our industrial design services. Here, we envisioned and drafted multiple scenarios, projecting possible user experiences with our newly proposed concepts. This ideation, rooted in German design ethos, was not just about creating visually appealing elements. It was about transforming these elements into functional, user-friendly solutions.

By doing so, we aim to illustrate the potential benefits to the end customer. Whether it’s enhancing their user experience, increasing product efficiency, or simply making the product more intuitive to use, our industrial design process strives to create a meaningful connection between the product and its user, which is the quintessence of German design.

A old guy holding a camera
Various paper prototypes build in Dostea tea machine project
Industrial Design Prototyping

Ergonomic Prototypes

Within our industrial design process, deeply influenced by German design principles, we brought to life numerous prototypes. These were essential in our quest for innovative solutions and concept validation. Each of these prototypes was subjected to meticulous scalability testing, ensuring a seamless fit, a testament to the exactitude of German design.

Industrial design concept development

Defining major systems

Throughout the industrial design process, we utilized sketch ideation to develop major systems and sub-systems. After completing the prototyping stage, we further defined the concept through sketch ideation, which enabled us to create detailed parts to move on to the CAD stage.

Camcorder redesign project prototype
Camcorder redesign
Core Features

Modular Componentes

The design of the Bluemax camera charger was aimed at creating a modular product that is easy to assemble and manufacture. Each component was carefully designed to create a simple yet sophisticated product. We utilized core industrial design techniques to create an experience that is not only visually pleasing but also functional.

Core Features

Wire management

A crucial aspect of designing the Bluemax camcorder charger was to keep the device as compact as possible to accommodate the needs of travelers and photographers. We employed a clean and efficient wiring system that concealed excessive wiring at the back of the box. We also provided a translucent cover that allows the user to monitor how much of the wire is left to be used.

Wire management design for blue max camcorder charger
Closeup bottom view of bluemax camcorder charger
Core Features

Replacable battery chargers

We designed the charger to accommodate a universal array of devices, considering how the charging blocks would be replaced and engineered the minimum distance between each block. This required extensive research and industrial design engineering to optimize space and create a universal architecture.

Core Features

Subtle Indicators

The battery indicators were designed to blend seamlessly into the device, emitting a diffused light that is visible without obstructing the user’s view.

Close-up bottom view of blue max camcorder charger

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