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Bolt -Wireless Car Charger

Designing a Breakthrough Wireless Car Charger: Merging Form and Function

Delivery executives who drive trucks to deliver packages face numerous challenges, such as keeping an eye on the most efficient route while also adhering to a set target for package delivery. Our client approached us to design a wireless car charger that would simplify the process of delivering packages, eliminating repetitive tasks and allowing drivers to focus on the road.

3 images of delivery worker, collection of packages and map application
Post it notes, brainstorming on glass window

Crafting Seamless Experiences: The Journey of the wireless car charger problems with larger devices

To create a user-centered solution, it was crucial to understand the daily habits and behaviors of delivery executives. On average, they drive 35 miles and deliver 250-270 packages per day. We conducted extensive research to map out their interactions and identify pain points. By understanding their routines and valuing their time, we were able to design a solution that would make their commute easier and save time.

Whether the device is an Apple or Samsung, ideas are redefined by a clear innovation method

After brainstorming hundreds of ideas and sketches, we worked closely with our client to select the best options for their project. Our belief is that ideas should progress from futuristic concepts to more realistic ones, offering a range of possibilities.

We chose three unique concepts that balanced the pros and cons of the project goals. For us, it’s important to be able to envision and predict future trends to help our clients stay competitive. We also understand the importance of being realistic and practical, ensuring that designs are achievable and familiar to users. Our realistic design direction focuses on keeping forms and interactions recognizable to help users easily identify the object and its function.

heavy brainstorming ideation sessions

Elevating Convenience and Aesthetics: The Design Story Behind the Best Car Charger

We were dedicated to crafting every detail of the product to meet the specific business, visual, material, production, and costing goals set by the client. To achieve this, we employed an iterative design process, which allowed us to make refinements at every step of the way. One aspect we paid close attention to was defining the proportions of the product. Through numerous iterations and reviews, we were able to ensure that the proportions were just right and met both aesthetic and functional requirements. Our focus on iterative perfection helped us create a final product that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Perfecting the idea through iterations in development

Induction Charging Reimagined: The Design Path of an Efficient Car Charger

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Universal Design Excellence, Tailoring Car Chargers to Every Device

base of bolt car charger with Cellairis logo
Wireless car charger magnetic docking
bolt car charger with various angle attachments
wireless car charger hero image standing

Magnetic Appeal, Redefining Form and Function in a Car Charger
The Design & Development Process

In-depth design reviews are an essential step in the design process. They provide an opportunity to analyze and evaluate every aspect of a design, from its functionality to its aesthetic appeal. By conducting these reviews, we can ensure that our designs meet the highest standards and fulfill the needs of our clients and end-users.

To ensure the best possible design, we created 3D models of the files for prototyping and production, taking into account varying wall
thicknesses, bosses, and ribs. These elements strengthened the part and kept it rugged on the inside while maintaining a clean appearance on the outside.

CAD screen of bolt car charger
Wireless car charger Brainstorming between 2 designers
wireless car charger prototyping 3d printing

Single handed release tech
Simplicity in Design: The Minimalist Marvel of the Nothing Car Charger

Maintaining simplicity as well as keeping it feature rich was a core requirement. We were able to achieve all of that while keeping the overall form and experience extremely simple.

Modular Fixed Mount heads
Improved Cable Management
Contact Point tech to make sure the larger devices dont detach
Viewing Angle Adjustments

We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge

Our expertise in creating unique concepts that can help differentiate your product in the market is the reason why many clients choose to work with us.

Market Research

Competitor Research & Analyisis

Design Language

A unique design language for differentiation

Concept Generation

More than 100 concepts generated.

Industrial Design

Aesthetics, ergonomics & functional architecture

Design Engineering

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanism Design

Product Architecture

Unique product architecture & IP creation


Realistic 3d Rendering


Physical appearance & Functional prototype

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