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Designing Tech Accessories with a Focus on Women: Creating a Seamless Product Experience

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2020 – 2021


A Blend of craft and technology into a seamless product experience

Just Elegance posed a challenge that has been asked by many in the tech industry: how to design accessories that cater specifically to women. Our team’s focus was to create a unique product experience that blended the art of craft with the innovation of technology.

Beauty and Function

Through careful consideration and research, we were able to seamlessly integrate these two aspects, resulting in a line of tech accessories that cater to women’s needs and aesthetic preferences.

Our aim was to create products that not only functioned well but also looked beautiful and felt comfortable to use. With a focus on detail and design, we were able to meet the challenge posed by Just Elegance and deliver a product experience that met the needs and expectations of women in the tech world.

Design Considerations

When designing tech accessories for women, it was crucial for the design team to consider the needs and aesthetic preferences of the target audience. To achieve this, they conducted extensive research to gain insight into the challenges faced by women while using tech accessories. This involved analyzing user feedback, identifying pain points, and understanding the various design elements that would enhance the user experience.

Creating a Wireless Charger with Unique Form Factors and Tactile Surfaces

Our design team went through several rounds of concept generation to create a wireless charger that stood out from the crowd. Our main approach was to combine familiar forms with textures and patterns to create an element of surprise and tactility.

We also had to ensure that the charger functioned well, which meant hiding all the electronics, switches, and adapter points to provide a clean front surface. In addition, we decided to experiment with the materials and created a unique structural and sensory combination by using a blend of polycarbonate and ceramic.

Our aim was to create a wireless charger that not only looked beautiful but also felt great to the touch. By paying close attention to form, texture, and material, we were able to deliver a product that satisfied both functional and aesthetic requirements.

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