We toured the world’s biggest mobile experience center by Samsung located in the iconic Opera House in Bangalore. Our studio is 2 buildings away and we decided to go down to check what all the fuss was about. From the outside, it looks like a historic building, but once you enter, it is a tech paradise.

Samsung brigade road
Samsung Opera House – Brigade Road

SamsungExperience Store
Entering the tech paradise           

The Samsung Opera House, houses the latest technology gadgets design from Samsung, a VR experience zone, Galaxy fitness, and home appliances. On the ground floor, they have the VR experience zone, where you can play the role of a fighter pilot performing extreme aircraft stunts and experience a space battle, you can enjoy skiing down the alps with Samsung VR equipment’s, or you can also cycle through scenic Europe.

Having a weak stomach, I stayed away from the fighter plane experience and went for something lighter. The Skiing experience was so much like the real thing.  The elements created added an even deeper immersion.

Vibha and Sagarika enjoying the Samsung experience zone

Samsung Opera House aims at becoming the hub for events organized around fitness, gaming, music, movies, food, stand-up comedy, and startups.  Overall, it was a unique experience, one that people don’t expect or see because of the intense competition in the technology sector. If you’re a VR or a home theater buff, visiting the Samsung Opera house should be something you are looking forward to.