Executives, artists, writers, and all kinds of other creative professionals have relied on creating analogies as a powerful tool for empathizing with audiences and communicating and sparking ideas. In terms of delivering designs, we look at Analogy as a philosophy, and hence, our name – Analogy. Cool, right!?

If you thought that was easy-peasy, you’ll be surprised how much brainstorming it took – and of course, the number of coffee rounds. Now, it was time to define the creative direction for the launch of Analogy. After a lot of deliberation, we narrowed it down to Bold, Maverick, and Excellence. We believe, these three perfectly reflected our branding values:

  • Bold reflects our tone of voice – When we express, we make sure we are heard
  • Maverick reflects our outlook towards work – We never like to play it safe
  • Excellence reflects our attitude towards work – We must excel in whatever we do

The Design Language

During the branding process, we created a whole new design language – called the curve design language, which draws contrast and comparison between the shapes and stark colors used in our brand guidelines, also reflecting on our websites and collaterals. A well thought out color palette goes a long way to enhance user experience and keeping that and our branding value in mind, we chose a color palette for the new website design that reflected our choice of colors – mainly bold.  

blog 5.1

Wondering about the big “Dot”? Well, it has been a huge inspiration to our Branding. As the basic form of design and a source of origin for almost everything, the dot, for us, is a representative of all Analogies. After a rigorous rebranding process, it was time to tackle the website. You will pick up on these elements of design on our new website too.

But First, Why the New Website?

Though our older website showcased a lot of the projects we had worked on, we felt it did not truly reflect our beliefs, culture, and quality of work we deliver. Like constant updates in trends and technology, over the past 3 years, our beliefs, values, and work have also been “updated”. This is what started the entire rebranding process that ultimately resulted in the launch of our new website.

We have designed each page of the new website with a clear purpose; one that fulfills the specific needs of our visitors in the most effective manner. Working with some of the most innovative, creative, and disruptive organizations of our time, has also extended our portfolio. To showcase these projects better, the images, content, and layout of the “Work” pages have been improved. Each project communicates the thought behind the design along with the details of how the ideas were implemented.

The Blue and Yellow Character

Our belief is that design is directed towards people. Other than that, we believe in humanizing design, that there can be a million solutions to any problem, and that design is far more than what meets the eye. So, on our new creative website design, we unveiled the blue character in a yellow outfit that represents the importance of our beliefs and culture. The character reflects that everyone in the company has independent beliefs, but when we come together, we bring out the best of these and channel them towards gaining the best results.

This character has been used in most of our company merchandise, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and has been put in different scenarios to project that we, as a company are a global team and we don’t restrict ourselves to just one kind of culture – we have traveled to parts of the world to make sure we get the perfect material, stitch, and other ingredients – just to achieve the best design.

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Updated Website Features

With our new website design, we have created a user-friendly browsing experience for our current, and prospective clients as well as the disruptors of the industry. The design makes navigation easier for the user to read about our Projects, Culture, Blogs, Enquiry, Clients, and Contact information. For a faster response to your questions, we have also added a chatbot. We are surely into AI! We might even give it a cute name later!

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Going forward, we will constantly update our website with helpful content, company announcements, client successes, and our thoughts on design-related topics on our blog, while looking forward to establishing ourselves as thought leaders when anyone talks about Design Thinking. The website also contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Instagram, Behance, and LinkedIn which allow you to share our content and improve our communication with you.

We hope you find the fresh look easily navigable, friendly, and helpful. If you have any feedback based on your experience with the website or any topic which you would like us to cover, feel free to say hello or drop us an email on this link. We can’t wait to share more with you in the future!