It gives me great joy to be penning this note down on behalf of my team. My team and I have been thinking of ways to stay in touch with you, keep you updated on what we are up to and talk about our learnings and experiences. As we get ready to bid adieu to 2017, I am delighted to share our first newsletter. Our journey so far has been short, but our growth has been rapid and it is in times like this we need to stay true to our core belief – open communication and involvement with all our stakeholders. This newsletter only contributes to that thought.

Artifact Design has entered its 3rd year in the Indian market. We have seen growth both in reach and revenue, and I feel it is important to elaborate on certain strategic choices we have made. Our objective has always been to be a niche Design Studio, not merely one churning out all kinds of projects driven solely by the money we can make. We are a lean team of curators, determined to choose, and deliver, quality over quantity. This approach and I’m sure some good fortune, has provided us the opportunity to work with some of the most renowned brands in India. I must add, with a predominant presence in the U.S. market until the beginning of 2017, our journey in the Indian market has only just begun.

Strong Culture

We believe in building a strong culture and team that is guided by our vision – design and innovation excellence for human experiences globally. In our line of work, large teams would prevent us from getting personally involved in each creation discounting the quality of work. Our success is dependant on having the right people on board which is why the team at Artifact Design though lean, has been carefully chosen to ensure we continuously strive to achieve better results every time. A strong culture is set when like minds come together and I’m glad to be working with some great talents from across the country.


Design is everywhere. It is what I love about my passion turned profession. Design gives us an opportunity to learn about diverse categories of products and services. With projects ranging from global branding campaigns to utility product designs, to strategic problem solving for equipment manufacturers, we are truly grateful for never having a dull moment at our studio.

On that note, I wish to thank all of you for giving us these opportunities. I am confident that my team at Artifact Design will create waves in Design and Innovation. We look forward to your continued support and stronger collaborations with you.

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


Vyasateja Rao.

CEO and Creative Director,

Artifact Design.

This article is posted as a part of the Artifact Design Newsletter 2017

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