Never has anyone truly enjoyed something alone for a long period of time .
– Anonymous Artifact Bot

A minimum of 8 hours a day we spend with coworkers. In terms of percentages, the 40-50 odd hours a week spent working is 30% of your time every single working week.


It’s important to me as a Creative Director to understand we design experiences. Before the principles of UX gained prominence, product designers had a responsibility to understand these and apply them to the products they worked on.

Coworking Spaces vs. Isolated Spaces

I believe the single most important testing ground for great interaction is in the workplace. Its a medley of varied personalities, age groups, cultural beliefs, faith, geographies, and thinking. For designers, it is important to understand and experience these small and minute interactions which happen daily. It’s very important that creatives are not chained to an isolated space. This was largely the reason we moved from a large independent studio to WeWork Galaxy, a co-working workspace. I do not believe people have to be chained to a desk and monitored constantly for work to happen.

Diversity Helps the Team Thrive

We have a fantastic team of individuals at Artifact Design. Each of them has a varied cultural and multidisciplinary point of view. While it is critical to have diversity and equality within a team, it’s equally important to have complimentary points of view in order to work together. Having coworkers at either extreme with no complimentary thinking will negatively impact team dynamics. It’s critical for such individuals to be given a chance to develop their thinking. This is why one of our core values is Empathy.

Empathy: Both Within the Team and With Clients

Empathy is a key attribute of having an awesome work culture and understanding our clients. Empathizing with your team about what they do and why they do certain things is crucial to unite co-workers. These are regular mantras in design thinking and innovation/strategy workshops. What surprises me is the lack of application of these principles that we as designers preach. By applying it to your every day, in your workplace, you will begin to notice the positive results within the team.

Keep that Smile

A good morning, a greeting or hello, a smile, cracking a joke, playing some tunes that everyone can enjoy or even sitting together at lunch is something that is so simple yet can create a lot of positive things for a team at work. Most of my mentors, advisors, and people I regularly interact and most importantly friends that I reach out to for advice and sanity have been people that I have worked with at some point in time. After all, I even met my soulmate at work!!!!

How Do You Build a Strong Team? 1

Post by VT Rao. You can also find him on LinkedIn here.