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We help Tech Visionaries find their human touch with Design

With a clear focus on helping break down the barriers that technology has with a human connect, we help devise a seamless iterative process for smart products with a combination of industrial Design, Interaction design and human centered design principles.

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At Analogy Design, we emphasise the simplification and enrichment of lives as the end goal for all smart devices and products. We bring a human touch and an astute mind to make sense of the gold mine of information available to us to help make better, connected products. We also have a storied pedigree in providing businesses with the core platform expertise in physical, “smart”, and connectivity components to help drive exponential tech and create new experiences for their consumers.

With future comes technology sophistication, and there is no escaping it. No matter how nimble you are as a business or a brand, there is a genuine requirement in the market for focussed, humanised tech to make things less complicated for the end consumer to create the next generation product or service. We will help you understand the intricacies of a business and the physical and virtual complexities of building a product that relies and works on human experiences in sustainable ways.

Human Machine Interfaces, in essence, are interactive touch-points that helps users communicate effectively with a product for an intended action or reaction. At Analogy Design, our vision is to build awareness, work on smarter designs and rethink intelligent environments for people and businesses to not only enhance their user experience but also to provide a platform for the future of hardware and software interfaces to co-exist seamlessly.

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We use a unique methodology and approach to create tangible yet creative results for our clients.


Breakdown the business and creative goals


Understand what the tech plans to solve for the user


Plan featues and not lose sight of user behaviors.


Create and Iterate to arrive at the best solution


Create a variety of solutions from first principles


Test and Iterate to make sure the solution fits the user needs

"We partner with visionaries to mold ideas into real products."

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