Shard, Our IBDC Winner in Taipei 1

In March 2017, we were thrilled to receive a merit award at the 21st International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC), in Taipei for Shard.  Furthermore, this also gave us the opportunity to present our concept at the event. Shard is a design for an exer-cycle that converts into a stand-alone lighting installation when not being used for a workout.


Shard, Our IBDC Winner in Taipei 2

Shard, the exer-cycle

Creating Shard

The team worked on three design concepts for IBDC focussing on a number of different consumer scenarios. Shard was for the ideal urban commute while the other concepts were for kids and home use. While all concepts were innovative, Shard won recognitions owing to its ‘going-beyond-the-product’ functionality.

It is a unique blend of technology and art. With a fresh outlook, Shard combines exercising and ambient lighting into one visually stimulating experience. This was supported by extensive research in exercise psychology. The team deduced that communication needed to be non-controlling, informative and flexible. In addition, the UI/UX had to be seamless to any workout and integrate with the user’s sensory capabilities. With this design inspiration in mind, the team arrived at the delightful combination of Light and Colour to be the hero elements for Shard. Read more about Shard here.

Anwesha Bangabash’s ideas transformed into Shard, under the guidance of Vyasateja Rao with the support of Rakesh Balekundri.

Shard, Our IBDC Winner in Taipei 3
The making of Shard

Attending IBDC 2017

The Artifact Design team received encouraging response from the audience at the IBDC 2017. This appreciation from industry experts and government representatives made our trip an inspiring and educational experience.

IBDC awards analogy design

Anwesha Bangabash and Vyasateja Rao of Artifact Design accepting the Merit Award for Shard at the 21st IBDC, Taipei.

The host committee organised interactive sessions, luncheons and dinners. This provided us with excellent networking opportunities to meet designers, inventors and manufacturers. Being in the company of peers from Design and Innovation was a truly exciting experience. Also, the city of Taipei itself made this a memorable trip. Their love for design is evident in the number of famous Arts and Design institutes in Taipei. They also host many annual Design Competitions and Symposiums such as the IBDC. Taipei is a city that respects Design and is investing in its future.

We collated memories from our trip to Taipei. We’d love for you all to watch.


This article is although posted in June, 2017, was also made available as a part of the Artifact Design Newsletter 2017 released in December 2017.

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