Product Design 1


Our team starts by breaking things down – by simplifying the most complex problems we discover new ways of solving with design resulting in great opportunities for you.

We believe each design requirement is unique. Therefore we follow a framework which enables us to lead rather than follow with a clear goal to create value through design. It starts with a detailed visual process involving the key stakeholders. This collaborative approach identifies the challenges and pain points. With focussed research, we find valuable insights which decide the priority of problems to solve.

We created Stok to simplify keeping track of all your kitchen inventory.



Creative Hypothesis
Problem identification
Insights and Observations


To gain empathy towards your user, we observe them in their natural environment passively or engage with them in interviews.

By understanding the behavioral and psychological needs of the user, we are able to define important product features. Thinking from the user’s point of view is critical for designing a successful product. Further, we learn from the market, color, material and tech trends to include what is relevant for the product and the environment it lives in.

This deeper understanding of the user, product and environment, forms the foundation of a seamless design language based on brand values and attributes that help build a connection with the consumer.

Understanding the user and their environment was critical while designing this environment-friendly cooking range.



User Research
Trend and Material Research
Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking
Product Vision

Product Design 2
Product Design 3


Driven by the opportunities discovered during the empathize phase, we now define the project’s vision.

With a clearly defined vision, we proceed to rapid ideation – many quick ideas on paper or digital to validate feasibility. The objective here is to communicate a variety of ideas using the best-suited method – from post its to photoshop sketches – to select the most valuable ideas.

During this process, our expertise in product design, manufacturing costs, and timelines empower you to make an informed choice. We work closely to make sure we create an emotional connection between the product and the user.

Partnered with Wildcraft to design and test its first smart product range in India.



Our rigorous concept development with our designers and engineers is key to the transformation of the idea into a real experience.

From the chosen ideas, we map them into realistic CAD and physical models as well as extensive prototyping to flush out functional details. We believe in making and precision. Therefore we work with our hands to sculpt ideas, but also rely on tech like 3D printing. The latter is useful for prototyping, feature validation, and functional feasibility. After running a few tests, we compare and align the final features to the defined product vision to maintain the design integrity of the overall product.

We transformed the backpack to modern tech-enabled essential.



Concept Mockups
Design Systems
Visual Design
Style Guides or UI Kit
User Testing

Product Design 4
Product Design 5


Design is the act of creating something new—sometimes iterative, sometimes innovative, and in rare cases, revolutionary.

You may wonder why disruption is so far down in our process. This is to avoid distraction from the vision of the product as we believe in getting the basics right first. At this stage, we can explore using exponential technology, IOT, and AR/VR tech, or redefine the architecture of the product to reduce tooling costs. Here there are no boundaries we can’t cross. The sole purpose is to elevate traditional solutions to the next level and bring value through design.

Through AR we made virtual real estate a reality.



Colour, material & finishes
Tech implementation
User testing
Packaging & product graphics


We work towards creating pixel perfect assets to take live and also support businesses to maintain and market this experience to their audience.

With the final product ready, we move on to create impact by delivering quality and design whether it’s through creating appearance models, renders, animations or videos. Most importantly we work with our production partners to conduct DFM analysis and to ensure the product is manufacturing ready. When needed we also provide material and finish options, superior tech suggestions, detailed drawings, visualizations, FOB costs, and communication strategies to effectively launch the product in the market.

From start to end find out how we created the Web Experience for Agnisumukh.



Development Handover
Front end screen development
Front end prototypes

Product Design 6

Successful products require great user experience.


Our Expertise.