The Brief

Redesign the landing page for a healthcare insurance provider to increase conversion rate

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Euler Pvt Ltd


Design Language
Ux Design
UI Design
Brand Development
Product Strategy
Style Guide
Android and iOS Design



The Problem

Euler systems approached us with a simple UX problem of redesigning the front page to increase the conversion rate and simplify the overall experience of the web page. The team at Analogy not only used UX and Usability principles to improve the page but also redesigned the content, curated the imagery and optimised the UI for a better and simpler experience.


Religare web, a responsive and brand centric UI approach


Quick Load Time

AMP Ready

Brand Centric

Relevent Messaging

Intuitive Navigation

Options based on activity and demographics

Diverse insurance schemes available for you to choose from based on the need of the hour. Separate landing pages for each activity and demographics to maintain relevance and options. We created three unique landing pages for the 3 different insurance packages that were the focus of the design exercise. Our goals were to meet the visual, business and functional goals as well as to be compatible to use AMP to build better frameworks and pages.

Making Insurance easy to understand.

Eliminating text to create a consistent visual language with Iconography

Concise plan information

at your fingertips to make your decisions faster. Each plan detail is clearly defined to show you the various options that you get upfront to create trust.

Clear Statistical information

For customers to understand the offering and make decisions based on real-time data.

Clear Reviews with Ratings

For easy glance over and to build trust, reviews and star ratings are shown together in a scrollable model.

Expandable FAQ section

All your queries answered in a jiffy.

Style Guide

Design Direction



Optimising for low latency

Custom infographics

To reduce text based information and also create visual elements that would help guide users, we created flat illustrations without a lot of shadows or textures in order to keep to our design direction as well as bring out an emotive approach for instructional information in the form of clear illustrations.

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