Trend & Market Research – Confidential

Understanding trends in fashion, lifestyle and applying them to various personas takes a lot of effort, not to mention the amazing results and clarity that it gives design teams to design based on these strategic insights. We worked with one of the largest FMCG and consumer brands to determine what worked for deodrants and perfumes alike and what were the younger millennial generations buying. The challenge was that a market research approach would yield very few results as there are quite a lot of traditional players in the Industry and most of the product offerings did not show much differentiation.

We approached this problem with a design thinking lens and applied the process to good use to gain insights through empathy. Having access to a global database of insights, we were able to create clear persona based trends and also industry based trends with SWOT analysis and affinity mapping to determine various scenarios and design directions on which we could work on the product and packaging design. This in turn lead to the creation of some amazing conceptual work in packaging exploring the boundaries of what was possible in terms of manufacturing.

ClientConfidentialServicesTrend Research, Strategy, Bottle design, PackagingYear2017

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Brand strategy and design for Titan also involved bottle packaging design. Analogy is the best product design company in Malaysia.