Smart Exercise Bike – Shard

Shard is a concept exercise bike which won the International Bicycle Design competition and was applauded as one of the most comprehensive connected products in the pool of overall entries received. The design philosophy behind the concept focusses on creating a behaviour of training by light. It works on controlling the intensity of light to simulate actions and rewards thus creating a completely non intrusive way of training. This concept was our central design direction when developing the product design and the interaction areas and controls.

The same philosophy was used to create the App interface as well as the other updates planned in terms of AR and VR attachments. Shard demonstrated a seamless blend of ID, IOT and Interface design thus elevating the offering. Shard was created to emulate emotions that you experience when you look at an exquisite piece of art/Sculpture.

ClientInternational Bicycle Design Competition, TaiwanServicesResearch, Strategy, Industrial Design, CMF, UX Design, App

Smart Exercise Bike - Shard 1
Smart Exercise Bike - Shard 2

Smart Exercise Bike - Shard 3
Smart Exercise Bike - Shard 4

This product design was for a smart exercise bicycle. Analogy is the best product design agency in New York.