Brand Identity – Nlite

NLite challenged us to create an identity that would reflect their core philosophy, ‘There is nothing artificial about AI. It’s all real math with real data.’. The logo was created based on the idea of letting people know more about AI and AI solutions can how it helps their businesses/organization. The entire brand story talks about how Nlite, ‘enlights’ people with what AI services they have to offer. The logo thus represents the idea of unboxing and presenting to the world about the lesser-known world of AI. Along with the logo design the client also requested us to design a website for NLite as well.

ClientNliteServicesStrategy, Branding, Website DesignYear2017Link

Brand Identity - Nlite 1
Brand Identity - Nlite 2

The logo is a box in the shape of a cube that is created using rounded edge lines. The rounded edges give a sense of reality and give the brand a personal feel despite the brand being modern and all about AI & tech. The open-ended nature of the logo further translates to the infinite and unending possibilities Artificial Intelligence has to offer, Nlite has to offer.

Brand Identity - Nlite 3