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Mysuru Consulting Group (MCG), is a global consulting group based out of Mysuru (India) and Boston (USA). They specialize in artificial intelligence and mathematics to find business solutions. From core data analytics, strategy and problem solving, MCG uses a multi-disciplinary team across technology, applied and behavioural sciences.
The consulting group approached us to create a strong identity that conveys a contemporary, data-centric approach, while also staying connected to their roots. The identity we designed represents a marriage between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and culture of Mysuru, famous for its rich culture and one of India’s educational hubs for science and technology.

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Brand Strategy - MCG 1

AI is nothing but data and statistics. Nothing artificial, just honest mathematics

The challenge we faced was how do we represent AI which is nothing but data and statistics? AI is not something everyone understands, and so we had to simplify what the term meant and distil it down. AI is nothing but data and statistics. Nothing artificial, just honest mathematics that is best represented in its most rudimentary form, the symbols that represent mathematics.
As for the visual representation of Mysuru, there is no better symbol than the Mysore Peta that epitomises what the city stands for. The Peta is a traditional headgear which uses a long silk or cotton scarf wound around the head. It is a symbol of tradition, accomplishment & respect.
Brand Strategy - MCG 2

With this newly designed brand identity, MCG is able to create a tangible understanding of what AI is. It transforms an intangible idea into something tangible. The identity facilitates simplicity, which going forward, will lend to debunk the general outlook towards AI as being complex and hard to comprehend.

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