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The Brief

Rethinking employee engagement

First impressions last. How do we create an experience of pleasant delight for an employee joining one of the largest shipping companies in the world? How do we make employees feel they're a part of a family? What can we do to make a new employee feel valued and appreciated from the moment they begin their employment?

Many a time, it's not just the employee that's a part of the company. The employee's friends and family also become an extended part of the company. What can we do for Maersk to maximise brand recall among employees and their social circles?

Eight employees of a company standing outside a building, smiling and posing for the camera
Group of people in blue safety jackets in a warehouse, posing for the camera with their arms raised

Onboarding while working from home – How can we create a physical experience of joy for employees who have gone through an entirely digital hiring and onboarding process? Only 12% of employees agree that their company does a good job of onboarding new employees.

Coffee cup next to a macbook laptop with a Zoom screen open, showing multiple people on a Zoom video call
Black scrabble pieces on wooden table, arranged to show

Benefits, company mission and values are among the top 5 things potential hires look at while accepting an offer. According to recruiters, the biggest cause of rejected offers (32%) is potential hires accepting another offer.
How can we give Maersk’s offers the Wow factor, to enhance offer acceptance rates?

Man in blue shirt writing on white paper with black and gold pen
Two people shaking hands

69% of job seekers are likely to apply to a company that actively manages its brand. How do we deliver a Maersk branded experience for a new employee?

Three people sitting around a table with laptops open, laughing
Group of people sitting around wooden tables in a conference room with laptops open

The number one reason why employees quit is a lack of appreciation at their current job. 79% of employees who quit claimed this was a major reason for leaving. 51% of those with jobs are searching for new openings. How can we increase employee retention by making employees feel appreciated and valued?

87% of organizations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges, and 50% call the problem “very important.”

Man sitting on a office couch, working on his laptop with his head resting on his palm
Multiple pairs of hands on a log of wood

Setting Sail

We began by designing the employee welcome kit that a new employee receives on their first day at Maersk. We identified and built user personas for the target employee group from Maersk Tech. Based on the persona, we curated a collection of products along various themes like sustainability, technology, health and bespoke design.

GIF of multiple objects like stickers, clocks, mask, sanitizer, desk lamp, desk mat, etc. to show items going in the Maersk welcome kit

Smooth Sailing

We identified the Maersk shipping container as the imagery that people all over the world think of when "Maersk" is mentioned. Everyone has seen rows of white-grey containers with the Maersk logo boldly plastered across the front, neatly stacked on ships or behind a truck on the road.

The simple Maersk container became the inspiration and starting point for our design direction.

Maersk containers stacked on top of each other

Even though the employees are not directly working in shipping and container logistics, it was important to maintain the imagery of the container to maximize brand recognition and recall among employees and their friends and families.

Choppy Seas

After multiple rounds of back and forth, we finalized the list of items going in the welcome kit. These items were based on the themes of technology, electronics, daily essentials for techies, and health.

First layer of the Maersk welcome kit with an A6 notebook and wireless charger
Second layer of the Maersk welcome kit having a black tech organiser, phone stand, bluetooth tag,
Third layer of Maersk welcome kit, with a night lamp, bottle, bluetooth earbuds, PD charger, pen and bottle
Tech organiser of Maersk welcome kit, with all cables neatly tucked inside
Tech organiser of Maersk welcome kit with Maersk branded white N95 mask
14 laptop stickers from the Maersk welcome kit

Testing the Waters

A journey of a thousand welcome kits begins with a single prototype. In our case, it was 16 prototypes - each with different printing styles, graphics, build qualities, placement of items and various lid constructions.

Various ways of opening the lid for delightful unboxing

Opening of the Maersk welcome kit using the blue ribbon
Opening the Maerks welcome kit by using the lid
Opening the lid of the Maersk welcome kit using the lid edge

Layered experience – the gift that keeps on giving

First layer of the Maersk welcome kit being lifted from the Maersk welcome kit
All three layers of the Maersk welcome kit laid out

Textured Printing, for a multi sensorial experience

GIF showing the various options of textured printing of the panels of the Maersk welcome kit

Tech Kit for Onboarding

Top left flap of the Maersk Tech Kit showing a welcome message to new employees receiving the Maersk welcome kit
Top right flap of the Maersk Tech Kit showing a list of all the items inside the welcome kit

All On Board

Unboxing the Maersk Welcome Kit was a multi sensorial experience. 1,000 employees across two continents received the kits as part of their onboarding into Maersk. Numerous LinkedIn posts with images of the Welcome Kit from happy employees praising Maersk followed.

Maersk received raving reviews from employees who were proud to join a company that recognised their value.

Grid of photos showing various views of the Maersk welcome kit and the three trays of the Maersk welcome kit

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