The Brief

Wellness at your fingertips: A smart lamp that helps you unwind.

Grace Forever, looking to revolutionize the essence of relaxation at the end of a long day, came to us to bring to life a multisensorial experience through a smart device.


Grace Forever LLC


Home appliance


User Research
Design Direction
Concept Generation
Design Engineering
Production Support



Get closer to your inner selves

Well-being often comes at a high price and requires an individual to invest in multiple products that cater to different needs. Idiya challenges that notion by combining the wellness experience in one connected product.

Futurism in an antiquated world.

A spectacular play of light and shadow, an aromatherapy diffuser and some relaxing tunes - in a softly rounded shell. Combining elements of light sound and aroma, iDiya makes wellness affordable, accessible, personalized and, most importantly, portable.

Transforming human wellbeing as we know it

This smart candle combines multiple sensory elements that activate & engage three primary senses - through light, sound, and scent - all at the touch of a button. Simply connect your smartphone to the device via Bluetooth, and embark on your wellness journey, hassle-free.

Digital and Physical Perfection

The connected app allows the user to personalize their journey, with in-built lighting presets and the potential for a soundscape library available within the app.

Concept Development

Empowering your wellness journey

A smart candle that doubles up as an aromatherapy diffuser and a wireless bluetooth speaker. This connected product allows you to embark on a soothing journey exploring the art of mindfulness through a multi-sensorial experience.

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