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Expressing time, your personality the wrist watch now it comes with other life-changing functions. This tool of modern society is both functional and ornamental at the same time. Flipkart wanted us to develop an extensive system that could extend throughout their private label and partner brands for all watches where they could ensure every time-piece is of superior quality, consistently. This involved a close co operation between the teams at Analogy and Flipkart’s internal product teams to visit suppliers domestically and internationally to ascertain various parameters and assign both qualitative and quantitative parameters.

To simplify this we also created various custom tools to ensure that the flipkart quality team can follow the guidelines and frame works developed.

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Defining quality for the art of time-keeping

The art of timekeeping is one of which that has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the human race, first introduced by the Egyptians for timing their farming cycles. Time lets us plan and evaluates what has been done, what is happening and what has to be done. Ever since this importance has been realised we have devised several tools to help us with timekeeping, like the wristwatch.

As these timepieces are intricately built, Flipkart wanted a method to ensure all watch pieces they manufactured remained consistent and be of superior quality always. They approached us with this problem, and we came up with a solution to create a completely new system compared to the retail model that most watch manufacturers currently use. The new system facilitated consistent quality of every watch until it reaches the shelf, with focussed inspections and quality checks at key points in the quality system.

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The Flipkart Quality System was born after understanding the existing process Flipkart goes through to make watches, based on we devised a system that involved various tests and checkpoints the watch would have to screen through before being ready to ship. From vendor checking to strap testing and everything in between, no stone was left unturned to design a meticulous quality check system for the brand. The tangible design outputs included a publication manual with all the tests, checklists and guidelines any person performing the quality check must know. The Flipkart Quality Check manual was thus designed to behave as a comprehensive reference for the various parameters that watches are constructed of and the expected quality that it needs to have before it can be sold on the market.

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