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The founders of EUME had an idea for an inbuilt massager in a backpack and they approached us to design the perfect bag. The challenge was to design it for various demographics and styles. Not to mention a very aggressive timeline. After the clients had a meeting with Mr. Daymond John, from Shark Tank, the project got steam to go ahead and productise it. Our role was to create a strong Brand and to envision a range that could humanise the tech and design a product that was engaging, fun and brand centric and at the same time have tons of utility and storage.

The product had a fantastic Kickstarter campaign and met their funding goals in less than 12 hours of launching the campaign where we helped create the campaign, the assets and creative direction. Working very closely with the founders and their partners, we were able to mould a fantastic tech forward fashion accessory.

ClientAvon LuggageServicesProduct Design, Research,

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The world's first backpack massager.

The key thing to understand was the levels of interaction that the users would  have with the product. We figured out what would be Passive and active in the massager and utility modes. To map these out in various environments and various demographics, we created an activity map studying users for a whole day. This gave us valuable insights to differentiate where and how we could design features that could be beneficial.

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Early prototyping helped us refine the form faster than a traditional design process would take. We also built multiple paper mockups and models to refine form both at the studio and with the manufacturer overseas. Initial visualisation was in the form of quick sketches on paper. This helped solidify a clear design language for the product line.
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Backpack designs with smart features made Eume designer backpacks for men and women. Analogy is the merchandise design company in Singapore.