Flagship Store – Cellairis

With the Cellairis rebranding project, our next step was to extend the branding to the retail stores. Cellairis who is the world leader in the franchised accessory category has more than a 1000 stores globally and we had to make sure that the brand elements and the language transitioned seamlessly into the retail stores, kiosks and flagship outlets.

We were fortunate to work with Innerworks group, an architectural firm based in Atlanta, Georgia to come up with a retail concept for the flag ship outlets which housed an extensive showcase of products, new tech and repair sections.

ClientCellairisServicesArt Direction, Brand collateral, Retail ConceptYear2014Linkwww.cellairis.com

Flagship Store - Cellairis 1

Focussing on simple forms in intricate details was the key design concept that we derived for the stores

Distilling and breaking down the main elements of the brand – Empathetic, Bold, Innovative and Minimal into a retail environment presented some exciting challenges as to where we can apply these values and how. Using a strategic approach, we worked on aligning the brand values closely with physical zones the customers in a store would interact with, thus maximising the experience of the brand.
Flagship Store - Cellairis 2
Flagship Store - Cellairis 3
Flagship Store - Cellairis 4
Flagship Store - Cellairis 5
Flagship Store - Cellairis 6
The Cellairis Store in Store concept at Walmart.
Flagship Store - Cellairis 7