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Cellairis, as part of their new bundle program was looking for a slim, protective shell for chrome books. These chrome books were used for K12 schools and their features were focussed towards the education industry. We were tasked with designing a new form factor that can provide 360 degree protection in a slim profile and include protection for extreme drop resistance and daily wear and tear.

Our approach was to design a unique semi- universal solution as most of the laptop sizes were similar. The main deviant was the profile of the different devices. We started out with researching a variety of chromebooks in the market to understand the various details and openings that would impact the product design of the cases. This led to an intensive ideation phase, working with engineers overseas to figure out a secure, protective solution. Using Comolding techniques, the two materials were fused together to create a thin yet protective structure

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Impact and drop protection is not something that is new to us, however designing it for a variety of diverse laptops created a pretty unique challenge, one that we were happy to take on.

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We developed a design language that was simple with functional details without deviating much from the device form factor. In order to keep the emphasis on drop protection corners and edges were designed to dissipate the impact over a larger area Hence we added a combination of soft contouring profile curves which defined the signature aesthetic of the product. The contoured profiles add a bit more softness and are housed mainly on the elastomer parts which surround the hard polycarbonate shell on the inside.

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Laptop cover design has to be functional which is why we designed a laptop protective case. Analogy is best graphics design agency in Japan.