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Shout is a customisation platform where users can use the iPhone app to upload their photos, artwork or create new artwork. You can then print it on a cellphone or tablet case based on the device you have. With the rebranding campaign we worked on for Cellairis, the client challenged us to create a simple and clean interface for the Shout App.

We identified a clean, utilitarian approach without a steep learning curve and using a single split interactive window as our main interface area, we enabled a seamless navigation from start to finish.

ClientCellairisServicesResearch, UX, UI DesignYear2015Link

Customisation App - Cellairis 1

Unlike Fashion, UX has a practical, utilitarian meaning and are not just about beautiful pictures.

The challenge we faced was, to prioritise the user journey from start to finish in a short period of time. Implementing a clean user interface also meant being extremely clear about usability, functionality and ease of use. We also wanted to keep a muted color palette to increase a clutter free visual experience where real images of products and spots of bright orange ( the brand color) indicated function to move forward and subconsciously prompt a response. 
Customisation App - Cellairis 2

The wire-framing of the screens was extensive to figure out multiple options and combinations. With this we were able to further get rid of unnecessary elements and add a clear hierarchy to provide a great user experience easily and quickly.

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Customisation App - Cellairis 4
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