Book Design – Pharma

The Popup book design was created for a client requirement in the Pharma Industry. Our brief was to create a new and interactive way for doctors and medical practitioners to interact with their patients to educate them about the benefits of staying healthy. Instead of going for a digital version or the usual wall calendar, we thought of a nice coffee table book format that could provide a clear tactile touch and feel for the doctor and patient to interact and have a conversation around.

To enhance this and also keep a focus on the health activities, we designed a 3D pop up book using paper engineering with 4 pages of interactive story telling about various health activities. Creating a unique identity for each page and adding a functional aspect was key to the creating a unique artistic and illustration driven theme.

ClientConfidentialServicesBranding, Illustration, Animation, Book Design, PrototypingYear2017

Book Design - Pharma 1
Book Design - Pharma 2

Book design for pharmaceutical industry where we used 3D printing and modelling. Analogy is best design agency in Canada.