Emotive Physical Objects

that create memorable brand experiences

If only objects could talk, the stories and memories they could express. Good Industrial design helps communicate stories and the function of an object while creating emotion from the user. We believe decluttering is about removing things that are not necessary, but minimalism is about discovering how little we actually need. As physical objects get more and more commoditized, unique, beautiful, and emotive objects stand out to catch the attention of the consumer.

Our Focus

Gorgeous form factors that are expressive

We have grown up living, playing and creating memories with various physical objects. Objects are extremely good story tellers and we believe that they should speak and convey an emotion in addition to getting your attention and performing their intended function. Just form and function is hardly human.

We help our clients solve the most important of all problems – connecting the physical object to a human emotion which then creates a lot of connected relationships. Through clear user insights and observation, we create gorgeous form factors that are emotive and expressive.

What We do

User Research

- Stakeholder Interviews
- Behavioural Mapping
- Competitor Research
- Opportunity Analysis/SWOT
- User Validation


- Ethnographic Observation
- User Needs & Storyboarding
- Day in the life
- Journey Maps
- Problem prioritisation


- Unique Value Proposition
- Product portfolio Mapping
- Market Strategy
- Trend Analysis
- CMF Analysis

Design Language

- Mapping Attributes
- Familiarisation techniques
- Visual Marker Design
- Product Graphics & Naming
- Product Branding

Industrial Design

- Brand-Product Alignment
- Concept Development
- Form Development
- Concept Visulisation
- Packaging Design

Design Engineering

- Functional Design
- Part & Assembly Design
- Manufacturing Techniques
- Technical Drawings & Details
- 3D Printing/Prototyping

For Us, Quality matters any day over Quantity


Physical & Digital products launched into the market for our clients, some award winning and each one the best version.


International Awards indicate the success our clients have had working with our talented team of designers.

We use industry-leading tools to create tangible yet creative results for our clients

Our framework

We are called Analogy for a reason. We believe that in order to create fresh and disruptive ideas, analogies help create a completely new perspective. Process is not just about research, sketching, prototype and repeat. Its much more than just mere steps and skills. We define a process as an analytical and logical method to foster creative problem solving and adding impact by identifying opportunities and solutions to increase the overall user experience of a product.


Breaking down the problem to the basic principles


Deep exploration in the shoes of the user


Discover analogies to create fresh associations


Disruptive ideas to solve real problems


Prototype and elevate an idea to reality


Suit up to step into the real world

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