Intelligent objects & thoughtful experiences

that build better human connections

The world is increasingly moving to intelligent interactions where the traditional User Experience methodologies are not sufficient to communicate the intent and emotion to the user. Adding a physical object to the mix complicates the equation even more. To define this well, we need to consider the interactions with both the physical object and the digital interface as a singular problem and approach it with the needs of the user. With technology getting sophisticated and with the advent of voice as an interface, mixed reality and new and more advanced sensors, it’s even more important for brands to understand how to blend all of this together for the next generation of humans without having to create redundant and repeatable systems.

We believe

People seek out experiences, not tech

Combining physical and digital objects involving exponential technology need more understanding about human behaviors, habits, and interactions than just combining industrial design and digital user experience. In the race for building better sources of data, we need to focus on quality inputs to get smarter outputs, hence driving the focus on human relevance.

We help our clients understand human behaviors, motivations, trends, emotions, and humanize technology so it can be widely adopted as well as appreciated. Building systems in place for incremental innovation help our clients focus on a larger roadmap and stay ahead of their competition as technology unravels more complex challenges to adapt it to humans. We are not a technology company, but we deal more on the human side that matters.

What We do


- Understanding Scenarios
- Technology Stack
- Problem prioritization
- Feature Definition
- Brief Creation

Proof of Concept

- Parts and BOM
- Technical specs
- Interface Design
- Working Prototype
- Technical Testing


- User Feedback
- User Testing
- UI Design
- Product evaluation
- Dev Support

Physical Object

- Smart Object
- Smart Accessories
- Surface CAD
- Advanced Visualisation
- Techpack + BOM

Interface Design

- User Interaction
- Micro Interactions
- UI Product Design
- Human Product Interaction
- Human Machine Interfaces

Experience Design

- Information Architecture
- Design System
- Concept Presentation
- UI Animation
- Developer Assets

For Us, Quality matters any day over Quantity


Physical & Digital products launched into the market for our clients, some award winning and each one the best version.


International Awards indicate the success our clients have had working with our talented team of designers.

We use Industry leading tools to create tangible yet creative results for our clients

Our framework

We are called Analogy for a reason. We believe that in order to create fresh and disruptive ideas, analogies help create a completely new perspective. Process is not just about research, sketching, prototype and repeat. Its much more than just mere steps and skills. We define a process as an analytical and logical method to foster creative problem solving and adding impact by identifying opportunities and solutions to increase the overall user experience of a product.


Breakdown the business and creative goals


Understand what the tech plans to solve for the user


Plan featues and not lose sight of user behaviors.


Create a variety of solutions from first principles


Create and Iterate to arrive at the best solution


Test and Iterate to make sure the solution fits the user needs

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