We have been experimenting with a variety of products both physical and digital, and most often physical and digital products combined. Each of these products have had some interesting approaches and we have looked at common traits that helped us create a focus to work at the intersection of physical and digital products.

Our Vision is to craft beautiful and experiential physical objects and digital products.

Our core philosophy from day one has not wavered much, but the execution of how to arrive at these has. The past year we spent quite a bit of time when we built our brand new website to pen down our 10 core principles that envelop pretty much all the work we do.

1. Design the experience and not just the product.

2. Balance uniqueness and familiarity

3. Design needs language

4. Design the product personality

5. Make it look like what it does.

6. Design for unexpected cleverness

7. Design the product to perform when not in use

8. Details are the concept

9. The user should have an opportunity to discover the product.

10. Simplicity is the hidden complexity

This is a work in progress post. Illustrations and an in depth write up are in the works. Email us at [email protected] if you need more information.