Mark Mathew is back again with an update on what we have been up to at the studio and how he has been continuously bettering his design skills. 

This is my second blog entry about my internship at Artifact Design. If you missed the first one, click here to read about my adventures in Bengaluru.

In the past few weeks, the studio celebrated Diwali, Artifact Design’s 2nd birthday and Kanada Rajyothsava. Bengaluru and our studio were filled with a buzzing energy.As a result of the festivities, project-wise it was relaxed. Hence I used the time to sketch and work on my SolidWorks design skills. You can find them featured on Artifact Design’s Instagram feed.

Notes: Learning and Growing Design Skills 1

Artifact Design Turns 2!

It was our 2nd birthday on 25th October. The team spent time together to reflect on the past achievements, learnings and areas for improvement.This helped us we gain some insights into what works and what does not. I believe, designers make a design studio and thinkers make the business choices. The creative freedom in a studio like Artifact Design is immense and each member gets to bring something unique to the table.

After the brainstorming session, Artifact Design treated the team to a scrumptious lunch at our beautiful office terrace. Post lunch it was time for our first ever event at WeWork Galaxy, the Design Open House.

Design Open House

The Design Open House involved us engaging with other companies as designers. The attendees shared their business challenges. We then used our problem-solving skills to help them understand how design can be applied to their companies. The Design Open House allowed the attendees to interact with our design team and learn more about Artifact Design’s services. Furthermore, as designers, the interaction taught us how and where our design skills can be applied in a business scenario. It helped us identify opportunities to collaborate with people to solve everyday problems; after all good design solves problems.

Seeking Inspiration Beyond the Studio

I love watching movies and decided to watch Blade Runner 2049. The movie is basically 3 hours of beautiful concept art. I loved the frames, storytelling style and watching it in 4DX was a totally immersive experience. This made me realize how far we have come in entertainment, design and technology. Today, it is not only about seeing, but we can feel the thud of a spaceship landing and feel the breeze of a dystopian winter; an experience designed purely for the sake of entertainment.

Chris Milk once did this TED Talk on how VR can be used as the ultimate empathy machine. I believe it is these kinds of tools that have the potential to bring people together for making intelligent decisions.


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