With years spent in the USA we had always wanted to head back to our home land and plant roots for the operations to begin from the silicon city of India – Bengaluru. With the thoughts of Design in India in mind, banking on our belief in the support, talent potential and positive growth that this land would give us, we set up our Studio in Jayanagar, Bengaluru in the year 2015.

Here is a glimpse of our journey so far.

Office set up has always been an ongoing process for us, we find something fun… we incorporate it into our environment- we made sure that everything around us was designed for for comfort, play and work ease… here’s how we did it..

And then came time for some serious renovation – we added murals and stickers that brought our culture, work ethic, and style to colourful life!

As we move to newer locations, for the better of our studio, the Jayanagar studio shall always be the first place we absolutely imprinted.