If design is our life – art, sketching, doodling and illustrations are the soul, heart, brain and blood that keep that life lively! 

We take sketching very seriously. And is there any better way to offer an ode to our work, than by celebrating Inktober? No! For the year 2016, when Dussehra also fell in this month, we decided to dedicate a big chunk of our artwork to “being mythical“. We planned to mark this month of festivals with sketching and inking characters, weapons, vehicles and scenarios. 

Here’s a look at some of the artwork we published on social media throughout the month – starting with Vyas’s take on mythology, vehicles and weapons

Inktober 2016 1 Inktober 2016 2

Haritha, our in house doodler – decided to pen down her thoughts in her unique styles.

Inktober 2016 3 Inktober 2016 4

Between Rakesh, Sanketh and Anwesha, some very lively characters and product sketches were created.

Inktober 2016 5 Inktober 2016 6

Here’s to many more such fun, serious, themed and un-themed art work coming up. We wish you all a happy Dussehra, a colourful Diwali and a successful Happy New year!