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How Analogy redefines the design of Sports Goods through interaction and industrial design


our Approach

As designers, our top priorities are functionality, safety, and performance enhancement. We also understand the impact of an attractive design on a product’s brand recognition and marketability. That’s why we strive to strike the perfect balance between form and function.

Design Drivers

To create sports goods that can adapt and grow with the market, we prioritize scalability by anticipating potential product line expansions and modifications. By streamlining our design, production, and management processes, we can efficiently meet changing consumer needs and market conditions.

Current Landscape

In the dynamic world of sports goods, companies are striving for dominance through cutting-edge designs, and savvy marketing strategies. With sustainability and technology taking centre stage, there’s a growing appetite for socially responsible products, leading to a major shift in the industry’s landscape.

Our Approach

From athletic footwear to apparel, safety equipment, and accessories, this industry is covered with a diverse range of products. With the ever-increasing popularity of sports and fitness activities, all brands, are vying for a bigger slice of the market share.

Analogy believes that functionality, comfort, and aesthetics are key considerations as they craft products that meet the unique needs of athletes. From flexibility and support to durability and safety, we leave no stone unturned.

We also team up with engineers and CMF designers to choose the best materials for our products. Together, our team ensures that every piece of gear is optimized for top-notch performance and safety, so athletes can focus on giving their all on the field, court, or track.

01 Identifying and defining the problem

02 Studying user behaviour and lifestyle

03 Designing ideas and concepts

04 Conceptualizing interactions

05 Iterative prototyping and testing

Design Drivers For Success

01 Utilise working concepts

Our discovery process involves exploring inspirations and examining existing products to add value and solve problems. A large part of this exercise is all about thinking outside the box and pushing the limits of our creativity.

02 Test Drive points

Our prototyping phase is all about attention to detail. To ensure our concepts fit people of all heights and sizes, we start by creating tape drawings for all concepts to examine the full scale and ergonomic factors.

03 Create a scalable system

We believe creating scalable prototypes plays a crucial role in sports goods product development, giving us opportunities to thoroughly test and refine our designs for optimal functionality, safety, and performance.

Current Landscape

The sports goods market is a battleground of epic proportions, with established and up-and-coming brands battling it out through ground-breaking products, enticing pricing, and powerful marketing. Thanks to the convenience of e-commerce and the booming interest in sports and fitness, the demand for sports goods products is expected to skyrocket in the years to come.

Some of our work

Athletic Gear Design

At Analogy, while sports goods design is not our main focus, we recognize the importance of studying athletes’ specific needs and preferences. Our goal is to create products that are not only functional but also stylish and comfortable, using the latest materials and technology to help enhance performance and prevent injuries.

We keep up-to-date with the latest trends in sports fashion to ensure our products are both visually appealing and relevant to the market. We believe that collaboration with athletes and coaches is crucial to creating products that meet their requirements and receive feedback to continually improve them. Ultimately, our success lies in creating sports accessories that athletes love to use and that help them reach their full potential.

01 Trend-aware approach

02 Empathetic design thinking

03 Multi-disciplinary team collaborations

Performance Wear Design

The sports goods industry is a vast and rapidly growing market that offers a wide range of products designed for different sports and activities. As designers, we have the power to shape the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of these products, all with the goal of enhancing the performance of athletes while keeping them comfortable and protected.

But we don’t do this alone – our design process involves extensive research, testing, and collaboration with athletes and coaches to ensure that our products meet their specific needs and requirements. Thanks to advances in technology, we can now develop new materials and manufacturing processes that revolutionize the industry and result in lighter, stronger, and more durable products.

01 High-end Craftsmanship

02 Material Exploration

03 Performance Enhancing

Designing sports goods is an exhilarating process that demands a deep understanding of athletes’ needs and aspirations. With safety, performance, and durability as top priorities, we must develop products that can stand up to the rigors of training and competition. From selecting the right materials to optimizing ergonomics, every aspect of sports accessories design must be carefully considered to ensure comfort and efficiency. Aesthetics are also crucial, as a well-designed sports product can inspire athletes to push themselves to the limit and achieve their goals.

Thoughts from our team of experts

“Sports design is about innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, whether it’s creating new materials or improving existing ones.”

Vyasateja Rao

Founder & CEO

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