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How Analogy redefines Healthcare and wellness through interaction and industrial design.


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our Approach

At Analogy, we tackle personal care product projects with an emphasis on aesthetics, usability, and user experience. Additionally, we also consider the brand identity to ensure it aligns with the brand’s value and identity.

Ideation session at Analogy Design Studio
Design Drivers

We implement strategies that optimize each stage of the process, so that we increase efficiency, reduce costs, and create a platform for sustained growth.

Current Landscape

With around 40% of total sales, skincare products are the market’s largest category within the personal care goods sector. Other major categories include haircare, fragrances, and oral care.

Our Approach

The personal care product market is filled with design flaws that can seriously impact consumer satisfaction. Whether it’s over-packing, inefficient dispensing, or exclusionary design, these flaws can leave customers feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. As designers, it’s our job to tackle these issues head-on.

We approach every design challenge with a human-centered perspective, making sure that our solutions benefit not just the end-user, but everyone who interacts with the product along the entire supply chain. From the maintenance workers to the manufacturers, we keep everyone in mind. But our design process doesn’t stop there. We also consider the broader impact of our designs, thinking about the unintended consequences for communities, societies, and humanity as a whole. Because at the end of the day, we know that design is about more than just making products – it’s about making the world a better place.

01 Understanding the Brand and its market position

02 Strategize on product opportunities

03 Brainstorming using post-it sketching

04 Finalising multiple design directions

Ideation page for toothbrush design by Analogy
Prototyping the design which came out of Analogy Industrial Design Studio

05 Iterative prototyping and testing

Design Drivers For Success

01 Utilise working concepts

We brainstormed over post-it sketches and came up with multiple design directions to go with for the brand.

02 Test Drive points

A number of these design concepts are made tangible using 3D printing and creating paper mock-ups. They are then tested to validate the design decisions.

03 Create a scalable system

Creating a scalable prototype for personal care products help us test its functionality, evaluate manufacturing processes, generate interest and investment, and improve the product’s overall quality.

Current Landscape

Industrial Design of Tone to boost
Aroma textures for iDiya wellness Lamp
Premium perfumes and Industrial design of their cases

The personal care products market is a large and growing industry, valued at approximately $444 billion in 2020, according to Grand View Research. The trend that is fuelling growth in the market is the rise of e-commerce and online sales and people’s increasing focus on self-care and wellness. The market is also becoming more competitive, with a growing number of new entrants and smaller brands competing with established players. This is driving innovation and new product development, as companies seek to differentiate themselves and offer unique products to consumers.

Some of our work

Home and Appliance companies we have worked with

Redefining Brand Identity

Designing packaging for lifestyle products is like creating a masterpiece. Just as an artist needs to understand the canvas, the colours, and the audience, we start by analysing the brand’s values and target audience to create packaging that speaks to them. We then consider the product’s purpose, looks, and market position to determine the best packaging material, shape, and size.

Next, we use design elements like typography, colour, and imagery to create a visually stunning packaging design that perfectly captures the brand’s personality and appeals to its target audience. Finally, we test and refine the design until it effectively communicates the brand’s messaging and provides an unforgettable customer experience. With our strategic approach, we create packaging that’s not just a pretty face but also reflects the brand’s values and enhances the product’s appeal.

01 Decoding the Brand Identity

02 User-first Innovation

03 Sketch marathons for ideation

Skin by Titan, Industrial Design of various packaging and bottles
Sublime Skin Packaging design for Titan
Industrial Design for Personal Care
Industrial Design for personal care Industry by Analogy Design

Modern Lifestyle Design

At Analogy, we leverage our deep understanding of user behavior to create innovative and intuitive solutions for everyday objects. By identifying pain points and addressing them with smart, user-centric design, we ensure that our products exceed expectations and delight our customers.

We are constantly exploring new technologies that can revolutionize the way people interact with our products. We recognize the potential of automated systems to provide users with an entirely new dimension of interaction, and we are excited to incorporate this cutting-edge technology into our product offerings. However, we also recognize that the key to successful automation is making the user experience as seamless and frictionless as possible. That’s why we are dedicated to designing automated systems that are intuitive and easy to use, ensuring that our customers can take full advantage of the benefits of automation without any frustration or confusion.

01 Creating Product Possibilities

02 Creative Visual Design

03 Iterative Design Mockups

CMF variations for personal care objects

At Analogy, we take a personalized approach to designing personal care products. By putting ourselves in the user’s shoes, we create products that cater to their unique needs and preferences. Our user-centered design philosophy ensures that our personal care products are not only effective but also comfortable, convenient, and inclusive.

Design Project Manager At analogy

Thoughts from our team of experts

“Personal care products should be designed to provide an experience, not just a function.”

Ruchita Khinvasara

Design Project Manager

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