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How Analogy redefines IoT through interaction and industrial design


our Approach

At Analogy, we immerse ourselves in IoT product design by weaving hardware-software integration, user interaction, device connectivity, seamless experiences, and data privacy and security into every fibre of our work.

Design Drivers

To create IoT products that can adapt to evolving user needs and technological advances, we design with versatility in mind, carefully balancing architecture, data management, and communication protocols for seamless growth.

Current Landscape

As the IoT landscape continues to expand, we’ve seen an explosion of products, from consumer tech to smart cities, and a shift towards more advanced features and security. With data analysis and sustainability taking centre stage, the IoT industry is shaping a brighter, more connected world.

Our Approach

The IoT market is a goldmine of opportunities for innovation and expansion, but it’s not without its fair share of obstacles. Security threats, compatibility problems, and standardization issues are just some of the challenges that need to be overcome. Despite these hurdles, the IoT industry is still growing at an impressive pace, thanks to advancements in technology and growing awareness of these challenges.

At Analogy, we’re passionate about crafting user experiences that are seamless and effortless to use. We keep practical considerations like connectivity, sensor technology, and data privacy in mind, all while making sure our products look sleek and modern. As designers, we’re constantly striving to strike the perfect balance between form and function, and we believe that our work will help shape the future of IoT products.

01 Studying up and coming tech

02 Analyse the market for opportunities

03 Brainstorming sessions and post-it sketching

04 Crafting user experiences

05 Iterative prototyping and testing

Design Drivers For Success

01 Utilise working concepts

When it comes to designing IoT products, we start by flexing our creative muscles and brainstorming ideas. We imagine how users interact with our designs and come up with prototypes that reflect their preferences.

02 Test Drive points

Creating IoT products is all about experimentation and evolution. As designers, we iterate and iterate until we’re sure we’ve hit the sweet spot between form and function, ensuring that every detail has been carefully considered.

03 Create a scalable system

Scalable systems give us the flexibility to identify and fix potential issues before a product hits the market. By testing and iterating at the prototype stage, we save time, money, and create a product that meets users’ expectations.

Current Landscape

From healthcare to transportation and agriculture, the IoT landscape is expanding at lightning speed, connecting an ever-growing network of devices and systems. Fuelled by AI and machine learning, ground-breaking innovations in predictive maintenance and autonomous vehicles are taking centre stage. However, with this growth comes a greater need for data privacy, security, and sustainability, as IoT products continue to revolutionize the way we live and work.

Some of our work

Smart Device Innovations

Designing IoT products is like embarking on a journey where we put the user’s needs at the centre of everything we do. It’s like a treasure hunt where we research the market to discover what the customers desire and need. Just like explorers, we analyse the technical capabilities of the product and navigate through the possibilities of integrating the latest technologies.

We then embark on a creative adventure, brainstorming and building prototypes, testing them with users, and refining the design based on feedback. Like artists, we strive to make the product not only user-friendly but also visually stunning.

As we near the end of our journey, we work closely with the development team, to ensure that every detail of the final product meets the design specifications and is ready to take the market by storm.

01 Sensory experience developments

02 Crafting intuitive interfaces

03 Next-gen technology exploration

IoT Product Development

As industrial designers, we love to tackle the design of IoT products, where we aim to create something truly exceptional. We take a holistic approach, considering both the technical requirements and the user’s experience. It’s like solving a puzzle where we research the market to understand what makes the user tick.

We sketch and bring ideas to life through mock-ups, and we create virtual prototypes to test the product’s form, function, and usability. We work hand in hand with the development team, like a well-oiled machine, to ensure that the design is practical and feasible to produce.

Our work doesn’t stop there! We collaborate with UX designers, ensuring that the product is user-friendly and intuitive, making sure that the user’s journey is seamless. And as the production process begins, we oversee everything, ensuring that the final product is produced according to the design specifications.

01 User-Focused Innovation

02 Innovative Tech

03 Automated Systems

Designing IoT products is a delicate balance between technical know-how and user experience. It involves market research, ideation, prototyping, testing, and collaboration with development teams. Analogy aims to create a user-friendly and intuitive product that leverages technology to enhance people’s lives.

Thoughts from our team of experts

“IoT design is about shaping the future by understanding the present and innovating for tomorrow”

Dinesh Kumar

Design Engineer

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